Traveling With Kids 5 Animated Channels To Watch On Your Trip

Traveling With Kids 5 Animated Channels To Watch On Your Trip

No matter if it’s your first or nth time traveling with kids, the hectic preparation is always daunting. You need to pack extra foods and change to prepare the worst during the trip. 

Not to mention when your kids’ tantrums strike when they’re tired or just plain bored. Instead of having the refreshing trip of the year, you’re getting a nightmare for the next couple of days. 

Travel should be an enlightening experience—a moment where you create an eternal memory of the world’s beauty with your loved ones. The memory of the trip should last a lifetime as you share the precious moment.

This whole experience can turn upside down when we bring along the kids on a trip. Kids tend to have swaying emotions. One time they’re happy when seeing a bird through a car’s window. The next second they’d scream their lungs out for being squeezed on a child seat.

One thing, for sure, to make the kids calm down is to keep them entertained during the trip. If the bird and other outside panoramic stuff don’t amuse them anymore, let’s move to a more advanced, digital method: watching online videos.

There are thousands of animated YouTube channels you should check out. You can watch these videos together with your kids.

5 Must Watch Animated Channel For Kids

From a joying kids’ song channel to cartoons, these YouTube channels provide a wide range of entertainment sources for every kid. All you need is an internet connection to keep your kids entertained, busy, and happy with fun YouTube videos.

1. Pinkfong! Kids’ Song & Stories

Traveling isn’t one without singing along. If the parent can turn the radio to listen to Hot Billboard Songs, kids can do so with some fun, catchy children’s songs from YouTube. 

Baby Shark, for example, is a phenomenal kid’s song where you can sing and dance all along. The simple lyric is easy to remember, allowing your kids to chant in minutes. 

Pinkfong! Kids’ songs channel hosts the insanely popular Baby Shark as well as other entertaining songs. There are animated stories in the channel that your kids can really enjoy. Each video story makes up to 45 minutes long, which is enough to accompany your kids during the trip.

2. Nick Jr.

Perhaps one of the reasons why your kids are showing uninterest in the idea of traveling is that they can’t watch Marshall and Rubble’s journey in Paw Patrol. Worry not!

You can activate YouTube for Kids to enjoy the Paw Patrol show in Nick Jr. In this secluded channel for children, Nick Jr. offers a lot of kids shows that you can set for your lovely kids. Just like the original Nickelodeon on TV, there are many cartoons to watch at your fingertips.

Moreover, you can switch to another Nick Jr. channel with different languages, including Brasil, Deutsch, Latinoamerica, Espanol, Polska, and French. That way, your kids can enjoy the show in their native language comfortably.

3. WB Kids

Warner Bros Kids is the studio that owns famous animation series, like Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, and Scooby-Doo.

Your kids perhaps aren’t the only ones who love the show, as you might enjoy the animation together. You can tell your kids about the characters and show your experience when you were young. That way, you can strengthen the bond with your kids.

There are sections where you can sing a notorious cartoon song, like from Tom & Jerry. Your kids will be delighted to sing along with their favorite characters and their parents. 

Some clips are also dedicated to challenging shows as they give the kids an idea for doing the trick at home. You can ask your kids to try the challenge out when the trip is over.  

4. Cartoon Network

Remember the bear brothers? Don’t miss out on Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear’s journey even when you’re out traveling!

Now your kids don’t need a huge TV to watch their favorite bears on the trip. You can check out the Cartoon Network channel to enjoy the show without hassle. 

Moreover, you can show the kids how amazing traveling would be as you show the green landscape outside the car’s window. Delight your kids to get back to nature, just like how the bears stay in their lovely cave. 

You might as well try to get your kids’ attention with antics, like finding the bears during the trip. Show your kids the refreshing of outdoor activities through traveling.

5. Masha and the Bear

If your kids are a big fan of animals, giving them a video from Masha and the Bear would entertain them greatly. 

Masha and the Bear follows a journey of an orphaned child named Masha with a bear inside a forest. Masha is a cheerful kid who loves animals and doing tricks. 

As there are many animal characters on this show, your kids will be enchanted all the way. Watching Masha’s journey is amusing; your kids will be brought into laughter without realizing they’re in the midst of traveling. 

By the time you reach your destination, your kids no longer nag for sitting too long.


Traveling with family, especially with kids, can be challenging as you need more preparation beforehand. The trip itself is very tiring for adults as they have to drive all the way to the destination. 

Besides, being squeezed down into a child seat for hours isn’t a pleasant experience either for the kids. As a result, they throw tantrums at their parents for how boring and tiring the whole situation is. 

All you need to do is keep them entertained. Watching YouTube videos can help you get your children calm and get yourself some rest. 

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