Beas Kund Trek | Beautiful Short Trek in Himachal Pradesh

The trek to Beas Kund is among the very beautiful short trek in Himachal Pradesh. Observing the banks of Beas River anticipate amazing perspectives of Pir Pinjal ranges. The meadows of Dhundi & Bakarthach are magnificent in their own beauty. As you climb higher you get to the source of River Beas. Even a tiny glacial lake is fed from the melting snow of the high peaks of the area. This trek is acceptable for all age classes and no hiking experience is needed to perform it.

The pristine blue lake of Beas Kund is concealed into the outer eye but unexpectedly reveals itself and it’s this lake in which it’s thought that Rishi (sage) Vyas, the author of Mahabharata took his everyday bath. The expression Beas Kund appears to have been originated from Vyas, the blossom; and Kund, a lake. Dip your toes in the arctic cold-temperate waters of this lake and feel that the tiredness gradually deserts you!

At a distance of 28 kilometers from Manali Bus Stand and 15 kilometers from Solang Valley, Beas Kund is a sacred lake at which Rishi Vyas took his everyday bath. River Beas originates out of here. The trek to Beas Kund is among the best destinations for hiking in Manali and among the best trekking Places to see in Himachal country.

The Beas Kund is shielded using an igloo-like rock construction and is deemed sacred by the Hindus. The website has attracts tens of thousands of devotees each year. The present name Beas is shaped by Sage Vyas who’s the author of Mahabharata. The early Indians are known as the Beas River as Vipas or even Arjiki while the ancient Greeks called it since Hyphasis.

This very small lake of Beas Kund is located at the greater and upper shore of Solang. Which is the core of summer and winter games in Manali. On a transparent day, you can picture the magnificent Pir Pangal Range out of Beas Kund.

Beas Kund trek is among the hottest and beautiful treks in Kullu Valley. It’s a perfect base camp for climbing nearby peaks at Shitidhar and Ladakhi summit. The Westside of Beas Kund is the glorious summit of Hanuman Tibba at an elevation of 5990 m, that access through a miniature pass over this lake. This is a fun and medium-degree trek. The trek is easy and perfect for novices, no previous trekking experience is needed to perform this trek.

A few years ago I endured a back injury that forced me to be in bed for 3-4 weeks. Being a nature enthusiast, it went against every piece of that I am. That is when I decided life is too short and that I had to do something daring and hard. And that is how hiking, hiking, and biking began for me personally. I have defeated multiple Treks, Hikes, and Backpacking excursions. (I love to use the phrase defeated because I really do look at such as accomplishments ). I have also finished a Simple Mountaineering class from ABVIMAS Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Why Can You Decide to Do The Beas Kund Glacier?

Beas Kund is the location where the river Beas originates. The river begins and escapes from the glaciers throughout the scenic meadows that are surrounded by hills. By Beas Kund, we could observe the Shitidhar, friendship summit, as well as the Hanuman Tibba.

We can easily see the Dhauladhar and Pirpanjal Mountain Ranges with the Assistance of Beas. On the other side, there is the Pir Panjal Mountain Ranges and on the other side, there is the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. The Beas Kund trek is abundant with fauna and flora. Beas Kund is also a favorite place for shepherds so it is possible to observe the shepherds camp round with herds of sheep and watchdogs. It is possible to feel and feel how pristine the surroundings around is at its self. The water is the most straightforward as melts in the glaciers. All these are reasons enough to decide to Trek Beas Kund.

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