How to find the best hostels in europe

How to find the best hostels in europe

The struggle is real.  The musings of your trip to Paris are cut painfully short when you open up the website for The Four Seasons George V- the most prestigious hotel in the city- if not Europe and the bill for one night are equal to your monthly rent.

Despite imagining yourself stood on that balcony, posing with that box of Ladurée macarons (for your rapidly growing Instagram account), in those killer Louboutin sling-backs you’ve been dying to wear since just about…forever….

You are broke-  And the likelihood is, that you will never be able to afford the premier suite at The George V.

Dry your tears though, we have you covered.

Here are 9 of the coolest, most stylish, and fantastically affordable hostels in Europe.


How to find the best hostels in europe

The Independente Hostel and Suites, located in Lisbon historic center, bold in look and style. One of the coolest Lisbon hostels. Prices from 19.20 euros per night. Regal, classy. A hostel? Where?


How to find the best hostels in europe

Casa Kessler redefines the concept by offering a degree of attention to the public that is usually seen in luxury hotels, a little pricier at 53 euros per night.


How to find the best hostels in europe

Lucky Lake Hostel, this quirky, kitsch hostel features uniquely decorated cozy cabins and trailers, creating a clean, relaxed, and chilled-out atmosphere. Prices from 20 euros per night.


How to find the best hostels in europe

The Lavender Circus is a vintage, quiet apartment-like place in the city center. Each room is individually decorated with hand drawings – which makes the atmosphere of the place unique. Prices from 40 euros per night.


How to find the best hostels in europe

Willyard Concept Hostel is a sexier rendition of the Hall of Prophecy in Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. Casual interior meets the love of adventure, meets art, meets urban jungle. Fixed price of 17.32 euros per night


How to find the best hostels in europe

The Blue Hostel is a listed former convent, renovated with care and style. So swanky it’s basically a hotel. Go on, treat yourself. Prices from 107 euros per night.


How to find the best hostels in europe

Generator Hostel is a ‘very stylish hostel’ which reviewers frequently compare favorably to a hotel. Hardcore bar for hardcore partiers. Pretty scenery in which to experience the local delicacies (beer and err.. beer). Prices from 45.33 euros per night.


How to find the best hostels in europe

Swanky Mint is a renovated dry cleaning and textile-dye factory dating back to the late 19th century. Combining the industrial machinery that littered the site with new technology, the Mint has created a comfortable eco-friendly atmosphere that makes it a very special place to visit. Prices from 42.74 euros per night.

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How to find the best hostels in europe

Old Plovdiv is a Vintage themed paradise. Furnished with authentic antique beds and wardrobes, purchased from local antique shops. Prices from 39 euros per night.

5 tips on how to save money in Europe

When we plan a trip we want everything to be perfect, for that, it is necessary to plan every detail to be able to enjoy the most.
Travelling can be very expensive without prior planning, considering that, we will give you tips on how to save money on the road.

Search a lot before buying a plane ticket

Use sites like Skyscanner, Last Minute, Tui, which consolidate all flights/hotels and compare the airlines. You can save a lot of money that way.

Make a script

Make an advance roadmap focusing on the country that you want to visit and where you will be staying and not traveling from country to country. Like this, you avoid bad surprises. Travels made without a destination can cost you much more.

Make free tours

Europe itself is already a tourist attraction, due to its beautiful buildings and development. But what about visiting parks, museums, galleries and other places for free or spending little?

Find out in advance the free or low-cost attractions of the place you are visiting and include them in the script!

Check out the best free museums in London.

Save money on food

Of course, you can eat out sometimes, but doing all the dining in a restaurant can use up all the money that you could spend, for example, doing shopping or traveling for more days. When you get to your destination, try to look for a store or supermarket that sells food that you can easily prepare. Besides saving money, this can also be healthier.

Travel in low season

Not always we have to book a vacation in the most popular period because avoiding high season is one of the maxims not only to save money but also to enjoy the places without many tourists and have more peace to find lodging.

Choosing Hotel Accommodation in Europe

Any travel or vacation hotel is a very important aspect. This is because a hotel may greatly affect their journey time. Is therefore important for vacationers or travelers to think twice before they are on the road, especially when they go to a foreign country to settle in any specific hotel.

The first thing to consider is that the rules of the hotel. Many hotels have rules for pets and children. Some hotels do not allow pets entirely, while others do not allow children below the age-specific. Therefore, the plan with their pets or very young children should the hotel to confirm that, to ensure their arrival inconvenience.

Hotel accommodation, as well as a few days, will stay the price should also be considered. There are a lot of very expensive hotels, which would mean leaving to spend the rest of the trip with travelers less. However, several discount hotels also provide first-class service. Besides, there pricey offers discounts to customers that attract their efforts.

Travelers should read the comments, as well as any discount information, and then choose the hotel accommodation. This will ensure that they do not spend the majority of their holiday money on accommodation.

Offers services, should always be considered to select the hotel. Most of the services are usually listed on the website of the hotel, even booklet. Many hotels provide free services to attract customers. Some of these services are not necessary, but they will help more enjoyable holiday.

If the service looks great, the price is not too high, travelers can consider staying in this hotel.

Based on the reputation of the hotel on the customer experience should never be ignored. There are a lot of sites, to provide a platform so that they can empty their views on specific hotel customers. In a hotel, you should avoid too many negative comments.

However, it is important to note that most hotels have one or two bad. Therefore, travelers should be hotels most people are talking about, and then choose to go there.

Visitors should consider while on vacation, the places they intend to visit. If they intend to stay on the beach most of the time, they should choose a hotel near the beach. In short, they should get the residence, where they intend to visit, as close as possible.

This will ensure that they do not play the day after weary inconvenience, because they will be able to get to their hotel, so they can quickly freshen up and rest.

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