10 Best indoor activities for Kids in Dubai 2021

indoor activities for Kids

The hot temperature and alarming humidity of Dubai can have toddlers and grown-ups kids confined at home. Being at home for long can make children restless, bored, irritated, and depressed. If you don’t want your little ones to face any of these syndromes, here are the 10 best indoor activities for kids in Dubai that can protect them from heat and enjoy a great time.


This is a community arts space and DIY painting studio. It’s the most suitable indoor activity for kids in Dubai where they can learn in a fun and creative environment. This is where your kids can unleash the artists in them. This space offers lots of events and creative workshops for toddlers and grown-up kids.

They also offer special packages to schools and universities and provide arts and education to them. This facility is built with the sole intention of promoting arts in the region.


Fun and play are the intrinsic part of the growing years of children. And when these are combined with physical activities that help in developing mortar skills in kids, then what else could parents wish. Caboodle is just that kind of indoor play area that can engage the entire family.

This indoor space has lots of soft plays, themed crafts, and various activities designed to develop social, physical, and cognitive skills in children. The range of packages for families at this facility is endless to choose from. If you’re too busy to give time to your kids, then just use the feature of Drop and Shop leaving the kids in the care of Caboodle while you attend your important errands.

Hub Zero

Children love to indulge in adventure. If you’re worried that they might get hurt while having it, then bring them to Huz Zero. This indoor facility brings the virtual and real-world closer to each other. In fact, adventure can be the best experience here than anywhere else.

Children can have fun by indulging in exciting rides and attractions. They can play a superhero and fight with zombies and save the city. Your kids will enjoy this extraordinary indoor playground.

The Green Planet

Tag your kids to the impressive Green Planet where they can experience and learn the importance of preserving tropical forests. The Green Planet is a futuristic bio-dome that combines engineering and architectural skills to build a tropical indoor rainforest in the middle of this desert city.

Let them explore a huge collection of over 3000 amazing plants and animals. The bio-dome features interesting flora and fauna that are usually found in the world’s rainforest. It features four levels each capable of awakening your senses. Watching animals roaming freely with real waterfalls running will surely transport you to a rainforest.

Cheeky Monkeys Dubai

Cheeky Monkeys is an amazing playland in Dubai that has bagged numerous awards owing to its range of activities for kids. It offers mind-blowing games, huge soft play areas, sports, recreational and educational facilities. This play center is most visited for indoor activities in Dubai by families.

The whole atmosphere at this place is lively and exudes positive vibes. The best thing is that it helps in keeping away the children from electronic gadgets and let them enjoy a safe and fun environment giving their mind and body a movement.

Oli Oli

Make the most of your vacation in Dubai by taking your kids to OliOli where their body and mind can work in creative, yet fun ways. It is an interactive museum for children featuring eight galleries built on different themes.

This weird name of this facility is derived from a Hawaiian word, which means ‘joy.’ And that’s what it actually offers to kids. Several artists, educators, psychologists, and museum experts have come together to built this indoor space that boasts of 45 interactive exhibits.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The attractive shape, color, and features of butterflies attract not just children, but adults as well. This indoor butterfly garden has thousands of varieties of butterflies belonging to 50 species. You will find the winged insects brought in from far places such as Tanzania, Costa Rica, Colombia, and the Philippines.

The garden features three white domes linked internally through narrow corridors that are embellished with colorful flower displays making the whole place pleasing to explore.

Magic Planet

If your kids are grown up, then take them to Magic Planet where they can have a fab time. This indoor facility has various interesting activities to keep the big kids engaged for endless hours. The activities range from bowling to go-karting, trampolining, laser tag, wall climbing, and ski trail.

If your kids are not into physical activities, then let them enjoy video games, classic arcade machines, and funfair games. Other choices at Magic Plant include multiple 3D simulators, carousels, funfair-style rides, bumper boats, foam factories, and mind trains, etc.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

This world’s largest indoor theme park is popular to engage in a plethora of indoor activities for kids in Dubai. Suitable for the entire family, the theme park boasts of incredible rides designed for children. This indoor-themed park is temperature-controlled and an ideal spot to enjoy a fun-filled day. The park features four zones designed to deliver amazing adventure experiences.

They are Marvel, IMG Boulevard, Cartoon Network, and The Lost Valley. While all the rides the park features are thrill and fun, some shouldn’t be missed such as the Spider-Man, Avengers: Battle of Ultron, Hulk Epsilon Base 3D, and Thor Thunder Spin.

Le Petit Palais

Le Petit Palais is a beautiful play area that replicates a small French town. This facility has a two-story soft play climbing area and a mini-spa. The town also features a French marketplace and two old-fashioned traditional petrol pumps.

This place is most preferred by parents because it gives them the option to shop while their children are busy having fun. Children can play with a ball pit and slide while babies can engage with soft toys in a play area. Your little ones can hone their singing and craft skills with a karaoke room and craft areas.

For little girls, there is a min-spa to pamper them and have a fun time at a playhouse in a real-life home environment with a sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, and dressing up area.

Dubai has more indoor activities for kids that are likely to be found in other tourist destinations around the world. It is ideal for children from 2 to 16 years old. All the activities for the kids are designed to let them enjoy i safe environment and stimulate their minds and body.

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