Best travel planning apps 2020

Best travel planning apps 2020

Know about must-have apps when you travel

Traveling out of the native home requires you to arrange a lot of things. Right from the luggage packing to hotel accommodation in the new destination has to be taken care of. Everything needs before planning. Arranging all the things on the self through Google research is a daunting task. With mobile technology’s growth, there are many apps available for smartphone users to handle the tasks very easily.

Know the location 

When you are in a new location, you will be pretty confused about what to do and where to go. In such cases, you can download the trip advisor app, which gives you the details of top restaurants, attractions, and accommodation hotels based on user rating. If you are traveling to a location where you are sure about the data plan’s availability, you can choose to download Trip advisor city guides. It covers all the details about 80 city-specific guides. You can download these specific guides and accesses the required information offline.

Not everybody will have a budget to plan for the long trip through flights. If you plan for a weekend trip with your family, you can download Sunday drives apps on your iOS mobile. It will give you details of the nearest attractions nearest to your location. If you are alone on some professional trips, you can spend your weekends in the new location interestingly with the help Google field app. After you specify your area of interest, the app will show the related information in a pop-up.


Just knowing the location in the new destination will not help you make the trip comfortable; you should also know how to navigate to the destination. Loading any of these apps on your mobile will help you with easy navigation. In the new location, it isn’t easy to find the means of transportation to the destination. In such cases, you can use smartphone apps like hop Stop that assist you with transportation to reach the location. We are another navigation app that helps you bay giving a turn to turn directions in 41 countries when you are traveling in your personal vehicle. Whether you are on foot or car, Google Maps is the other navigation app preferred by many to reach the destination.

Track expenses   

You may have to spend money to address your needs in the new location. It is quite embarrassing if you realize that your wallet is done after you complete shopping so, you should always track your expenses during the trip. Few apps are specially designed for smartphone users to help for the same purpose. Expensify is an app that enables you to categorize travel expenses based on your trip. You can easily keep track of your purchases on the trip. Passbook is another wonderful app that relieves the burden of carrying clutter in your wallet. It holds movie tickets, loyalty cards, printouts, and your digital boarding passes as well.


Food is another important factor that has to be addressed during your trip. Few apps can help you search for your choice of food without the need for compromising on your eating habits. The urban spoon is a food app designed for ios, android, and Windows users. You can easily locate the nearest restaurants based on the specification you give in the app. You can even make a reservation nationwide. Food spotting is another wonderful app designed to address the needs of foodies in the new location. You have to specify your favorite food, and it will come up with images of the dish from different restaurants along with reviews.

Google translator

Of course, this is the must-have app if you are traveling to a location in an unknown language. These Google translators will make your communication easier when you are traveling in an unknown language location. You can easily communicate any of your urgent needs with the local people. Using the app is free and simple; you just have to type the word you want to translate and get the desired language’s needed output.

Good photo editing apps

Many phone cameras today are available with good resolution. When you have a nice photo editing app installed on the mobile phone, you can capture your vacation memories on the phone in a more precious way. The editing apps give enhanced looks for your memories captured on the phone.

Travel planner

Going for a vacation is never about exploring a single destination. You should have a sound plan in place to explore the best multiple nearby locations in the shortest possible time. There are many apps in the play store to help you plan you’re itinerary most effectively. You can store all your journey plans in the apps, and it can help you view all your upcoming plans for the journey. These apps are the best ways to organize your trips.

Currency converter

If you are traveling to a country that uses a different currency than yours, you need to have a currency converter app on mobile. It is very important to what your spending on vacation will cost you.

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