What do business travelers look for in a hotel

What do business travelers look for in a hotel

How does a business traveler pick hotel pricing in the social world?

Business travelers are the most esteemed customers of any restaurants across the world. They have frequent trips to different destinations.  With a wide range of technology accessibility today, business travelers are highly dependent on the online medium to pick the hotel for their stay in the destination country.  Various factors influenced business travelers while picking the hotel for his stay in the social world.


Most business travelers will look at the reviews of the hotels before they pick one. These reviews that are present online may not influence the business traveler greatly if they are balanced against the brand price and rating. However, they will definitely make sure about why there is a negative review because they wanted to make their experience at the destination comfortable.

Loyalty membership 

There is a high influence of loyalty affiliation when they are picking the brand from the options available. Most business travelers are likely to stick to the known brand when they are traveling to a new destinationThere are keener to stick to the same brand as long as their points are available.  They stick to the preferred brand between 25 to 75 percent of their trip to the destination.

Pricing effect

Though most restaurant owners feel that a change in the price will not affect the behavior of the business traveler, you cannot deny the fact that the little magic works here. If there is a huge difference in the price range within the competitive set, it is going to gain the attention of the business traveler for sure. However, if the price difference is very little, the business traveler may neglect it completely.


The language of content plays a key role in the decision making of the business traveler. He/she would like to know about the facilities available at the hotel in descriptive language rather than emotional language. Though reviews do not play a key role in the decision making of the business traveler, language has a significant role to play.

The purchase decision of the business traveler is very different when compared to the leisure traveler. If you have a loyalty membership for your hotel, you can raise the hotel pricing even if you do not have a reputation.  On the contrary, if your business lags reputation and does not have loyalty membership lowering the price is the only way to attract business travelers.

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