Chinese tourist vs Indian tourist in Nepal

Chinese tourist vs Indian tourist in Nepal


One of the most important industries in Nepal is Tourism which is the main income source of exchange and revenue. Nepal is the home of eight of the ten highest mountains within the world which may be a hot spot destination for mountaineers, rock climbers, and other people seeking adventure. Hindu and Buddhist heritage of Nepal and its cool weather also are strong attractions. The very best crown within the world Everest is found in Nepal with an elevation of 8848m above the ocean level. An important attraction for visitors in Nepal is Mountaineering and other kinds of adventure tourism and ecotourism. together with that, the planet heritage site Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha which is found within the south of the West region of Nepal.

Nepal is a landlocked country bordered by China and India. Chinese and Indian are the best visiting tourists in Nepal. As Indian and Chinese are different in everything, Nepal could be a combination of both. A maximum number of Indians are Hindus and Chinese are Buddhist which implies both of them have a different purpose, Nepal is full of both religions and for both, there are different places with its purpose.

Chinese Overtake Indian tourist in Nepal

Now the arrivals of Chinese tourists in Nepal have overtaken those from India on a hunt of the half-moon of 2018 for the primary time, the Department of Immigration (DoI) said on Friday. By the wire service Xinhua which cites DoI data, Nepal has received a complete 36,384 Chinese tourists from January to March as against the arrival of 34,133 Indians during the identical period.

India is the top source of tourists in Nepal. In 2017 there have been 160,832 tourists from India and 104,664 tourists from China. In January Nepal received 9,924 Chinese tourists followed by 14,287 in February and 12,173 in March. However, In January from India, there are 12,152. In February there were 7570 and 14,411 tourists in March. Nepal has welcomed a complete of two,16,998 foreign visitors, during these three months, in step with DoI data. As there’s the increasing number of Chinese tourists visiting Nepal during spring festivals in recent years and therefore the winter season which won’t be off-season within the past has now emerged because of the important season for the tourism sector.

Nepal India China Expo (NICE)

Nepal India China Expo is that the noble concept envisioned by PATA Nepal Chapter which is additionally called NICE. It’s the primary tri-nation tourism expo which brings together tourism and hospitality stakeholders and organizations from public and personal sectors. NICE is opened to affix the sectors of neighboring countries namely: Nepal, India, and China on one platform by facilitating all three nations with business opportunities, industry insights, unparalleled networking, and inspiration.

Visas for Chinese tourist and Indian tourist

Visa’s are the required documents required to travel from one place to another. As Nepal is a landlocked country there are only two ways to enter Nepal, by air or by the border. Nepal is bordered by two countries China and India. On the china border, it lies in the mountain region and in India, it’s plain terai region. Although, it’s hard to try and do import and export business between Nepal and China. However, the Indian side has terai the plains so it’s easier to try to import and export in between India and Nepal.

For Indian, it’s easier to get into Nepal as they don’t need Visa to travel from India to Nepal. except for Chinese, it’s necessary to possess a Visa while traveling from China to Nepal.

Purpose of visit

As Nepal is legendary for trekking in Nepal and spiritual beliefs, and heritage sites. There are various sorts of purposes to go to Nepal. Indian and Chinese are different reasonable countries, so tourists from both of the countries are of various types. Indian and Chinese visit’s Nepal not only by air but also from borders.

Indian tourist

Commonly Indian tourists travel Nepal to go to religious sites, for business work, and just to spend holidays as they don’t need any Visa to travel Nepal. it’s easier for Indian to speak with Nepali as Sanskrit and Nepali is comparable to Hindi dictionary.

Chinese tourist

Chinese tourists visit Nepal for trekking, traveling, business works, and to spend vacations and holidays as is common, but they have a Visa to travel to Nepal.


Nepal could be a landlocked country bordered by India and China. From both countries, many thousands of tourists visit Nepal. There is a carious purpose to go to Nepal like Trekking, Travelling, religious sites, and business sites.

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