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Cape Verde

Are you planning a trip to Cape Verde? Here are some of the greatest things to do while on vacation in Cape Verde’s islands.Vacations in Cape Verde are gratifying and exhilarating, enabling visitors to partake in a variety of activities ranging from peaceful retreats along the coast, hotel tranquility to adventurous tours focused on water sports and outdoor activities.

There are several activities to do in Cape Verde. With united airlines booking, you can be a part of all these fun and exciting activities. These activities should be spread out across the days you spend in the archipelago to ensure that you get the most out of your time there. November to June is the best season to visit Cape Verde since you may enjoy the sandy beaches on the islands. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures in the mid-twenties and little rain.

Making decisions on what to do during your holiday may be stressful and indecisive, therefore in Cape Verde, we’ve produced a list of our most important things to do to make things simpler for you.

Burana Lagoon is a Must-See

A journey to the Blue Eye is perhaps one of the most popular Santa Maria excursions. This region, also known as “Buracona,” has a strange, almost magical aura.

The lagoon is located to the northwest of the island and is a great place to swim. The color of the sun’s rays changes to turquoise, and the floor can be seen.

Try Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

There are a variety of diving and snorkeling options for people who want to explore Cape Verde’s underwater world. On Sal Island, there are several diving opportunities from Santa Maria Beach.

At Santa Maria Beach, Go Horseback Riding

Santa Maria Beach is Sal’s largest and most popular beach, but it’s not simply for swimming. There are also vast salt flats just beyond the waterway, which offer a variety of horseback riding opportunities.

To put it another way, the majority of the islands provide guided tours around the beaches, pathways, and even hills. So make sure your eyes are peeled before you arrive. It’s one of the best things to do in Cape Verde (especially at sunset).

Relax on the Beach

Some people believe that relaxing on the beach is the best way to spend their Cape Verde holiday. There are several excellent coastal locations to choose from, but Praia de Chaves, Santa Maria Beach, and Santa Monica is the best.

Pico De Fogo Hike

If you’re feeling adventurous, move to the island of Fogo, where you may hike up to the peak of Pico de Fogo. It is the highest point in all of Cape Verde.

It is no longer essential to be concerned about an impending eruption. There has been no one for 400 years, and activity is monitored as well. The hike itself is a wonderful route to the peak, with numerous villages along the way and a few surprises. The elevation climbs must be fit and pleasant for this stroll (which can make it tough in hot weather).

Enjoy Kitesurfing 

Wind sports are among the most exhilarating and entertaining of the many water activities available in Cape Verde. Between November and March, the winds on most of the shores of Sal and Boa Vista may be quite strong, making for ideal kite surfing conditions. 

Tourists looking for sports may find appropriate facilities and instruction, whether seasoned professionals or complete beginners.

In Boa Vista, hop aboard a dune. 

Boa Vista is Cape Verde’s most popular island since it is a desert island paradise suitable for off-road dune adventure.

Come on over to Praia de Chaves and have the fun of your life. You’ll probably find it easier to book your hotel’s dune buggy tour now, so inquire with the concierge when you arrive.

Say Hi to Turtles 

This one doesn’t need you to get in the water, especially if you visit Envato Beach on Boa Vista between July and September. The world’s third-largest loggerhead turtle nesting site, where the turtles may lay their eggs, is located here. 

By giving a choice of guided tours to experience this amazing natural phenomenon at night, it is the best time to visit them. Learn more about Cape Verde’s wildlife opportunities, including visiting a hatchery.

Explore Baia Das Gatas’ coastline.

Exploring the shoreline of Sao Vicente is a breathtaking experience and a fantastic place to visit. Cape Verde, we believe, has so many wonderful experiences and activities because of its natural beauty.

One thing to keep in mind is that while the winds in Cape Verde are strong, the sun is equally so. You will most likely be unaware of how badly your skin burns in the sun. Wear a lot of clothes, a lot of sunscreens, and try to stay in the shade if you can.

Try your Luck at Fishing.

Another fantastic water recreation option for Cape Verde is fishing, which is quite popular across the archipelago. Although tourists can readily access guided fishing trips from Sal and Boa Vista, many islands provide them. 

Several types of fishing are accessible, including rock and deep-sea fishing, large-scale game fishing, and surf-casting. A local guide will guide you about fishing in Cape Verde and provide you with further information.

In the Pedra Lume Crater, you may Swim.

In Sal, the Pedra Lume Crater is a huge, salty, sea-flooded volcanic crater (for which the island of Sal is named). These extremely warm pools contain more minerals than the Dead Sea, making them excellent for your skin and ensuring that you do not sink! 

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Sal’s Salt Mines Are A Must-See.

Although the salt mines at Pedra de Lume look abandoned, hundreds of laborers worked for salt here in the 18th century. The scenery left behind by these historic mines is breathtaking, but one of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the salt ponds that have been abandoned. For more information and activities to do during your holiday in Sal, do check out these salt flats.

Relax on the Verandinha Beach

Praia de Verandinha is one of these beaches, and it will make you feel as if you are alone on the island of Boa Vista. On a relaxing day on the island, explore the countryside, which is undeveloped. Dip your toes in the ocean, wander across the dunes, and take in Cape Verde’s natural beauty.

Sand Dunes Quad Biking

There are four cycling rides offered through Sal and Boa Vista. Many will stick to a strict timetable that will take you from one location to another or from one beach to another. In contrast, others are more interested in exploring the island’s magnificent dunes. Discover top trips to discover what piques your interest.

Viana Desert Is Worth a Visit

Viana’s desert is one of Cape Verde’s natural wonders. It is one of the greatest things to do in Cape Verde, which is located in the island’s northwest corner.

The Atlantic winds, which are 5 kilometres long, brought fine sand from the Sahara to Boa Vista. It is truly a place to be in awe of nature and its tranquility.

Schedule a trip to explore the desert, but keep in mind that motor vehicle access is limited!

Move around Sal Rei

Sal Rei, the capital of Boa Vista, is home to over half of the city’s population, with over 6,000 inhabitants.

Sal Rei is known for its laid-back and laid-back environment. However, it isn’t exactly a thriving city! If you enjoy colorful architecture, you will be astonished by the vivid buildings and churches.

Visit the Cabo Santa Maria Shipwreck

The massive wreck of the Cabo Santa Maria near Atalanta Beach is arguably Boa Vista’s most popular picture subject. It quickly became one of Cape Verde’s most popular tourist attractions.

These are the charred remains of a major cargo ship that sank in the Atlantic in 1968.

The shipwreck is now a popular Boa Vista destination, having been inspired by local artists. This is one of the most stunning sights in Cape Verde.

The Bottom Line

In terms of tourism, Cape Verde has recently experienced a rise. In the middle of the Atlantic, it’s no wonder that the archipelago has lots to offer! When most people think of Cape Verde, they think of beautiful beaches and endless sunshine. But with Spirit airlines reservations to Cape Verde, you can get so much more.

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