Dubai travel guide for first time visitors

Dubai travel guide for first time visitors

Dubai is commonly used as a stopover destination for travelers flying in and out on Emirates. although the city will simply be a stopover town wherever you hit the massive sites in a very number of days, there’s an exciting number of things to try and do here for those wanting to stay longer. I precious my time in metropolis quite i believed I would! It’s a town treed between the recent and therefore the new. an area in a very conservative culture with old-world customs whereas at an equivalent time a Middle-Eastern Vegas wherever something goes (so long as it’s behind closed doors). i used to be shocked at what quantity there was to try and do during this town – and the way even in a very week I barely scraped the surface. metropolis could be a fascinating, multi-cultural town that deserves loads quite a stopover and that i hope you take on this guide to help arrange a visit that won’t break your budget!

We will cover the following topics in this article

  • Visa information
  • How to travel
  • The Best Times to visit Dubai
  • Best places to live in Dubai
  • Hotel prices
  • Budget hotel prices
  • Transportation
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Weather
  • What to pack
  • Documents and currency
  • Cost of living in Dubai

Do you need a visa to go to Dubai? 

If you have a US passport, you do not need a visa to go to Dubai (or Abu Dhabi), for other countries visa on arrival is required. for more details about the visa, you can find here

for the following countries a 30 days free visa will be stamped free of charge.

Andorra Australia Brunei
Canada China Hong Kong, China
Japan Kazakhstan Macau, China
Malaysia Mauritius Monaco
New Zealand Republic of Ireland San Marino
Singapore Ukraine The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
United States of America Vatican City

How to travel to Dubai 

you can take emirates airlines from your countries international airport. Emirates airlines have deals often and they fly from several cities across the world we suggest you register on their website. you will meet many people who take advantage of traveling to other countries on Emirates Airlines they stop in Dubai on the way. You can also fly on Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi and take a bus or taxi for one hour to Dubai. Qatar Airways is an alternate option. They stop at Doha airport before going to Dubai.

The Best Times to Visit

Dubai has a hot desert climate.!  the temperatures are cooler with highs in the 140s to lows in the 28s. This is from November to March. Based on these temperatures, this the tourist season in Dubai,  you may see more crowds in tourists and public places, and travel costs are a bit higher. the summer months from June to August, temperatures average a high of 40+!

The Best Places to Stay

Dubai travel guide for first time visitors

Dubai has no shortage of hotels, especially luxury hotels. you’ll be able to check rental sites like Airbnb. In terms of the most effective location, you can first think about Dubai as a long trip.

The most central location, and thence the foremost jammed, is round the Dubai mall that is where Burj Khalifa is located. At the opposite end is that the Dubai marina with Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab accessible. On the opposite end of this “stripes the Dubai airport field and old Dubai with the souks. on most of this strip is Jumeirah Beach full of beach resorts, shops, and restaurants. according to your interests, you can prefer to stay nearby those landmarks.

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Hostel prices 

Hostels are not common in Dubai as this country is famous for luxury tourism and business hub. There are only a few here and most charge between 100-120 AED for a basic sharing dorm per day. If you are looking for a Separate individual room, you may have to pay between 250-375 AED per day. Most hostels include free WiFi and a couple of places also offer free breakfast.

Budget hotel prices  

The budget hotel prices start from 150-550 AED per night for a basic twin or double room. Free WiFi is a common facility, and many budget hotels also include extras like free airport shuttles or swimming pools. Mid-range hotels start around 250 AED per night, but if you’re looking for something more luxurious, the sky is the limit here! Airbnb is also an option here (I suggest you avoid other paid sharing economy services as they are reliable here). A shared room on Airbnb starts from 100 AED per day, The average cost for an entire apartment is around 400 AED. 

Cost of food 

You will find cheap meals in Dubai starts at 30 AED, fast food will cost a bit lower starts at 25 AED. The best meals are usually shared by the table and consist of hummus, pita, falafel, foul, fattoush, tahini salad, and grilled halloumi cheese. Falafel is a nice affordable restaurant chain with 7+ locations all over Dubai. If you want a meal at a mid-range restaurant, expect to pay around 100 AED. For an all-day brunch extravaganza, expect to pay at least 400 AED per person. If you cook your own meals, groceries will cost between 170-220 AED weekly. Debonairs in the Dubai Mall has a lunch special for 15 AED (USD 4). It’s one of the best bargains found in Dubai. Be sure to visit Old Dubai for cheap meals and fast foods. Meals at restaurants in this area generally cost 20-35 AED ($5-7 USD). you will really love Al Usted, an Iranian restaurant near the Al Fahidi metro.

Transportation costs 

The metro, while not extensive, is efficient and well-maintained and the public buses can take you anywhere. A single fare cost between 4-8.50 AED (Costs are based on how far you are traveling)  metro one-day travel pass is 20 AED. Taxis are on the cheap side, though if you need to call one, call an Uber instead since the addresses here can be a bit wonky to explain over the phone to a taxi company. The prices between the two are comparable, so stick with whatever is most convenient. A bus to Abu Dhabi will cost around 40 AED (you can also take a taxi there for 290 AED each way).

Do They Speak English in Dubai?

Most people in Dubai speak fluent English and the street signs, menus, basically, all the signage are in both Arabic and English. This made it very easy to navigate for foreign travelers.


August is the hottest month, with an average high of  (36°C). January is the coldest month, with an average high of (15°C).

What To Pack

  • Modesty and moderation are the operative words when packing for Dubai to ensure a safe and fun trip without hurting any sensibilities. tight-fitting and revealing clothes should be avoided by female tourists.
  •  light and loose cotton clothes should be preferred as the climate is hot in most seasons.
  • if you have any health condition ensure to pack your medicines and basic first aid kit so you don’t face any problem finding the medicine in a new place.
  • Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses are a must to stay protected from the Dubai sun & heat
  • Since Dubai has many beautiful beaches with water sports options, most hotels offer’s free swimming pools, good beachwear/swimwear should be taken to add more enjoyment to your trip.

Documents And Currency

  • Make sure you carry your travel insurance along with the passport and other important documents.
  • In case you decide to rent a car, you must carry your international driving license.
  • The currency in Dubai is the AED, called Dirhams. Before taking the flight you can exchange money at the airport for taxi and food expenses.
  • For other expenses, it is advisable to either exchange your country currency at the Dubai airport or the malls (which sometimes offer better exchange rates).
  • You can also carry international Debit/Credit cards and withdraw AED from the ATMs.(confirm with your local bank about your cards for international withdrawals.

Cost of living in Dubai

The average cost of living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Four-person family monthly costs: 3,190$ (11,104AED) without rent.

Best places to visit in Dubai

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis The palm
  • Dubai water canal
  • Kite beach
  • Dubai opera
  • Wild wadi
  • Dubai gold souk
  • Al Bastakiya
  • Jumeriah Mosque
  • Dubai museum
  • Dubai shopping festival
  • Bollywood parks
  • Dubai Dolphinarium
  • Dubai frame
  • Dubai grand mosque
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Legoland Dubai
  • Dubai safari park
  • Dubai fountains
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai creek
  • Dubai marina
  • JBR
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubailand
  • Desert safari tours
  • Dubai aquarium
  • Global village
  • IMG worlds of wonder
  • Miracle garden
  • Dubai Mall
  • Deir Shopping

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