10 things to do for 10 euros in Amsterdam

10 things to do for 10 euros in Amsterdam

In this blog, we provide you with 10 things to do on a really low budget. So if you are traveling on a budget in Amsterdam, you can find cheap (or free) activities to do in this exciting city!

Walk along the canals

Amsterdam is known for its canals and bridges. Along the canals, you find mansions and old warehouses. You can discover the beautiful architecture of old Amsterdam and the stories behind the canal houses.

Visit the nine streets

If you don’t want to walk down the common shopping streets like the Kalverstraat and the P.C. Hooftstraat, you should visit the nine streets. These are nine streets (what a coincidence) near the canals with unique stores, bars, and shops. The streets are parallel to each other, so you can combine visiting the nine streets, with walking along the canals.

Go drink a milkshake at Bulls and Dogs

This bar has the nicest hotdogs and the most delicious milkshakes. When you order a milkshake here, you order a little party in a glass.

Panoramic view of Amsterdam

For a little bit more than ten euros (12,50), you can visit the Amsterdam Lookout. From here, you can see the whole city. If you are up there, you also have the possibility to get into the ‘Over the Edge’ attraction. This is the highest swing of Europe and surely worth trying!

Pay a visit to the coffeeshops

One of the things Amsterdam is known for are the coffee shops. One condition is that you have to be over 18 years old. You can buy and smoke some joints over there. You don’t have to worry, because this is legal in The Netherlands.

Go to Hanneke’s Boom

This is a really nice place to hang out with your friends and drink some beers watching over the water. Especially in summer, there is a nice ambiance and a lot of people. Good to know: You have to order your drinks and food inside.

Floating flower market

Near Rembrandtplein, there is a huge flower market that floats on one of the canals. They sell the famous Dutch tulips and there are also a couple of cheese stores where you can buy typical Dutch cheese. It is kind of touristic, but it’s worth it because of the beautiful flowers!

Go to the beach

You almost would not believe it, but Amsterdam also has a beach. It is called Blijburg and you can relax and swim over there. When you go there in summer, there a lot of people and children swimming, playing volleyball and having fun.

Go shopping at the Albert cup

This is one of the biggest daily markets in Europe. The market has 260 stands with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, clothing, purses, and more than you can imagine!

EYE film museum

EYE is a multipurpose building, it’s a museum, there is a restaurant and they have film art movies. They have an exhibition about the history of a film which you can visit for free, or you can go see one of the alternating exhibitions or movies.

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