Where to stay in frankfurt on a budget 2021

Where to stay in frankfurt on a budget 2021

Frankfurt is a city of contrasts. Vibrant and thriving, there’s a lot it has to offer to tourists. If you’re walking into one of the biggest cities in Germany and want to make the most on a relatively compact budget.
Here’s what I’d give you any day if you were to spend a day in this splendid City.


Get yourself to Stadtmitte and hop into one of the city’s free tours. With entertaining guides, learn everything about Frankfurt that you never knew.


If you’re the typical Transformers freak or a High School book geek, Autumn is your time. The Frankfurt Motor Show (Automobil-Ausstellung) and the Book Fair (Buchmesse) are the biggest and most famous shows that host the whole city.


Frankfurt is considered a green city with its large forest, many parks, the Main riverbanks, and two botanical gardens. Nizza is a famous small park which is located at the juncture of the northern Main river bank and the Wallanlagen. The park is one of the warmest areas, some even compare it to the Mediterranean climate. Various Mediterranean flora grows there and some even survive the cold winter. Taking a walk there should definitely make your list.

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The Frankfurt Main tower hosts one of the most brilliant skyline views of Frankfurt. It is unique for the country as the high-rises are concentrated in a relatively small city center, giving Frankfurt the looks of a metropolis. It would be such a crime to miss out on the view. With €7.50 or under (if you are traveling in a group), you can witness the magical view of the city.


You should definitely try the river cruise in Frankfurt. The river has museums on both sides (history, art, film, architecture, communications, there are plenty of museums). You will be observed museums, cafes, stately houses, and even the rowing school.
You pass by many bridges with amazing architecture, this is something you shouldn’t miss on your trip.


Römerberg or the old central square is the historic heart of the city which dates back to the 13th century. The square is overlooked by the grand town hall and at its center, you will find the Fountain of Justice and half-timbered buildings. You can take a stroll around and witness the buildings which were restored to their former glory following the damage of World War II.


Sitting pretty in the west of Frankfurt on the banks of the Main, it was annexed to the city in 1928. You can find lovely timber-framed houses, two palaces, and winding streets. They have markets every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday morning for centuries.


Kaiserstraße is one of the famous streets and considered to be very beautiful because of its numerous Gründerzeit-style buildings. This place simply redefines your shopping experience.


Walkthrough the lobby and gaze up through the Atrium. The Commerzbank building is a huge tower surrounded by a lot of buildings with old-style architecture which gives you a true feeling of old meeting new. They also provide extremely interesting interactive exhibits! (Weekdays only)


While your free city tour would cover the museums and war memorials. It would be wrong if you do not visit the Stadhatter. A place, famously known for hosting Art displays by the Students. Good art for an amount as low as 2 euros is one of the significances of this place.

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