A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Packing Your Hunting Gear for Air Travel

Hunting Gear for Air Travel

When it comes to flying with hunting weapons, you need extra concentration due to the strict security measures in the airport. The airport authority won’t allow you to carry potential hazards like weapons unless you’re a law officer or a US Marshall.

So, how to pack hunting gear for air travel when carrying weapons into a flight with you is impossible? Let’s see.

How to Pack Hunting Gear for Air Travel: Steps to Follow

Step 1: Contact Your Airline

Talk to your airline in advance and ask them if there is any rule to carry hunting weapons with you. Explain why you intend to carry your weapon to your representative and note down any rules if you have any.

Step 2: Follow TSA Regulations

According to the TSA regulation, the firearm you want to carry onto your flight should be packed in a hard-sided, locked container and the firearm should be unloaded. Also, while checking in, declare it to the airline agent. Do not forget to claim a red or orange tag of firearm declaration from your ticket agent. Sign with the date before you place the weapon in the case.

Now it comes to the ammunition. It doesn’t require it to be in its original packaging but you have to pack it securely in wooden, fiber, or metal boxes. You can also pack them in your gun case.

Different airlines may differ in their requirements. So check their requirements twice. Bows and arrows don’t require to be in locked cases according to the TSA regulation but your airline might require them. By the way, it can be a good idea to carry bows and arrows in a case.

Step 3: Receive Your Package

After you’ve reached your destination, it’s time to claim your package back. Your firearm case won’t come with your regular backpack. No fear! They will come in a special area designated for unique luggage. Take help from the airport representatives to know where your gear will be available. If you notice any damage or lose your gear, make sure to inform the baggage representative as soon as possible.

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Save Some Money When Flying With Hunting Gear!

Well, carrying hunting gear overseas can be expensive. You need to pay the costs of your checked firearm and other checked bags. So, how to reduce the cost? We have a trick for you. Opt for a hard-sided double case that is made to house more than one firearm. Also, when you fly with your bow, include that in the case.

Use as much space as possible in this case. Put a few layers of clothes on the rifle. This is how you can fill the limit of 50 pounds that will help you cost less.

Rifle Carrying Tips

You might like to make things smooth as you’ll have to go through a security checkpoint while carrying a firearm. Place a lock to the place of the bolt after removing it from the rifle. This will make it easier to show an agent that the firearm is not loaded. One more thing- do not forget to carry a cleaning rod that won’t take too much space.

Include all the gun parts in the main case. Remember- you can’t take the magazine off from the rifle to house it in another checkbox.

Bow Carrying Tips

Carrying any kind of bows is a breeze and special checks are applicable for them. Also, I have a trick for you – Place a zip tie around the cables and the string. This is how you can prevent someone from dry firing your bow. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Right? 

Use a bow sling to protect the strings and the cams. Using a slight cover is recommended but you can use a protective sleeve instead.

Final Words

Hopefully, this guide has helped you pack hunting gear for air travel. The TSA regulations and specific airline requirements should be in your mind always. Keep pace with the rules as they do change over time.

Arrive at the airport keeping plenty of time in hand before the flight and gently cooperate with the airline agents. Remember- once you master these steps, your next hunting trip will be stress-free, no doubt.

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