Kasol Camping – perfect weekend destination

Kasol Camping


Located in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh and, also at an altitude of about 3000 meters above sea level, it is one of the most well-known trekking destinations.

This destination is one of the most beautiful valleys in India, Parvati Valley. This place attracts a lot of tourists and trekkers for its mesmerizing beauty and also has a religious significance to it. According to the Hindu theology, Lord shiva’s younger son Kartikeya meditated in the khir Ganga for years making it very religiously important. The trek is pleasant and offers some incredible views.

Since it is a very popular trekking destination, it has some sort of development here as one can visit the beautiful cafés and enjoy the local food here. One can also visit the Rudra Nag temple.

One can also view a waterfall here and the path gets steeper after the waterfall until one starts spotting the blue and yellow huts which indicate the final milestone of the Kasol Kheerganga Trek which is its top.

One can enjoy the scenes of beautiful snow-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh and also the small streams and rivers flowing from the top. One can enjoy and rest at various stop points that are made for tourists and travelers to have a safe and sound trek.


This can be once in a lifetime experience for people who love to do exciting and thrilling things in their life and people who love to be close to mother nature. One gets to trek on about 9700 feet above sea level and one is promised to have an impeccable quality journey making it very promising.

One gets to have an experience of riverside camping. One is provided with the fooding facility including 2 breakfast meals and 2 dinner meals but one should also carry their own personal snacks so that one gets boosted or gets energized instantly throughout the course of the trek.

Alpine tents are available for camping and at night, one can enjoy the beautiful stars and the moon seems to be bigger than usual because of the height which is a whole different experience.

One can hear the sound of the waterfall along with the music played in the background (if you wish to do so).

Mattresses, pillows, and clean linen are provided by the agents that one has contacted. A common washroom facility is also available.

If one wants to opt for other treks after the kasol trek they can also go for another trek like the Tosh valley trek and other nearby as they all lie close to Parvati Valley.

Things to carry:

One should remember to wear warm and comfortable clothes which are suitable or you to match the weather condition as the temperature can even sometimes drop in that place. One should pay attention to the instructors and the guides and consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicants are prohibited.

One shouldn’t do trekking at night. And also should carry some basic medications with them. Energy bars are recommended to carry during the trek and also one should bring a surplus amount of moisturizer, lotion, sunscreen with them.

One is also advised to wear the sunglasses during the daytime and since the place is an eco-friendly zone, the villagers and the local town people do not encourage nor entertain people littering in the sites or near the campsites.

One is also advised to take a proper consult from the physician before starting the journey.

One can enjoy the experience of stargazing and also during the day time one is trekking at such height, one can feel the direct rays of the sun. One can enjoy the beautiful vast meadows all across the trail and some nice dense forest.

One should also carefully listen to the guidelines provided by the State Government of Himachal Pradesh. One should also carefully pay attention to the instructors and the guides during the course of the trek.

One should be responsible for their personal belongings like cameras, mobile phones, video recorders, and other gadgets as well.

Consumption of alcohol and other toxicants are strictly prohibited during the course of this trek. One should avoid trekking at night because of the wild animals around in the jungle.

Since the trek is entirely an eco-friendly zone one should not throw their litter around the campsites or even in the local areas,

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