4 Best Kayaking Places in Thailand: Read Before You Go

Kayaking Places in Thailand

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with colorful cultures and various cuisines that have rich flavors. This beautiful country also has lots of amazing destinations you could experience and explore, from majestic landscapes to stunning beaches.

Every sight of Thailand is precious and the people who have been there probably like to do some adventure like Kayaking. Moreover, there are a lot of lagoons, islands, and caves that are eagerly waiting to be explored. You should remember that kayaking is not the right type of adventure that you want to do during the monsoon.

You could choose kayaking when the sea is quiet and the weather is dry. Some popular places in Thailand for kayaking are given below.


Krabi is the most beautiful island for kayaking in Thailand. You could enjoy kayaking with the beautiful caves, blue lagoons, and mangrove swamps in Krabi for your best experience. Kayaking is the best option to discover the unseen lagoons such as Bor Thor and Talaneng village as well as Thalane Bay.

You would find Hong Island and Ao Nang Bay at Thalane Bay and such beautiful locations make this Bay more amazing. You could easily get the view of underwater life on this island as the water is clear. This place is popular for kayaking because one could witness the sunset and get mingled with nature.

Bor Thor Village is another popular place to kayak. This place is full of natural landscapes and cave kayaking is famous. You could explore these caves and have access to limitless cave paintings. Pee Hua Toh and Tham Khao Wong is the name of two famous cave tunnels in Krabi.

 You could see the limestone cliff that has arisen from the seawater in Talabeng Island. You would also see the land caves and sea caves when kayaking on this island. You should not miss kayaking because of the plentiful wildlife side that you could enjoy most.

Koh Phi Phi Islands: 

The seascapes and golden sands of Koh Phi Phi Islands are great. These islands have many mysteries that are liked by every adventure seeker. Kayaking in these places may be a great way for exploring the caves that aren’t reachable for everyone.

You would find many of them in the blue to explore. The water skiing and paddleboats would cost about 150 bahts in a day. you have to start kayaking at Tonsai Bay and Kun Nex beach is the place where you would be described your whole trip. They would tell you which way you should take.

After practicing the basic methods, you are ready and confident enough to get into action. The quality of the kayaks should be good for kayaking here and beginners could go kayaking here.

You would find a zig-zag route to kayak and you may rest at Ao-Ling which is known as the Monkey Beach. You could also explore the beaches, rocks, and cliffs that are cut-off by land and it would make your trip experience fulfilling and blissful.


Phuket is another best place for kayaking as would have an opportunity to visit an amazing James Bond Island. The giant stone and emerald waters couldn’t be missed in this place. You could kayak towards the Phang Nga National Park and enjoy the outstanding nature when paddling.

After that, you may get into the Mut Cave on Panak Island. Kayaking is a bit tiring, so you could take some rest in Lawa Island or Naka Bay.

These two places are the best to practice kayaking skills and relax between the luscious park and blue-green waters.

The weather and the sea conditions may change while taking the tour. Thus, you should stay close to your planned itinerary. You could walk around Ping Gan Island to click beautiful pictures around this place.

Chiang Mai:

In Thailand, kayaking isn’t limited to the mainstream areas only. You could go to Chiang Mai for kayaking too. In this place, the rush of the tourists is less and is suited for the experienced and newcomers. Chiang Mai is good for swimmers and river kayaking.

You could go kayaking about 50 to 80 km to the north of this place. You should always take the weather and water conditions seriously. Consider the flow of the Mae Ping river when you plan your trip. There are small creeks to higher levels of water mostly on rainy days.

Winter is probably the appropriate time for kayaking because, in this season, water levels are lower and suitable for exploring deep northern jungles. You may go by the forest which follows north of the Mae Ping River in the Summer.

These are some places where you could go kayaking in Thailand. You may choose one of these places and plan your kayaking tour. If you need some more help, you may ask your guide. Have an enjoyable time in Thailand and experience a lot of interesting things on your trip.

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