how to keep gun safe in vehicle while travel in usa

how to keep gun safe in vehicle while travel in usa

Place your Safes in a vehicle in a pro-style While Traveling in the USA

You must know the best gun cache spots in your vehicle if you travel and carry a gun. Both gunmen and law enforcement agents tell tales of leaving guns for several hours in their cars, after that, they come back to their windows, and their weapons are broken. This ensures you are still in danger of getting your gun exposed unless you use a hidden car gun safe or the pistol is tightly secured to the floor of your vehicle.

If you put it in the normal hidings: the glove compartment, the central console or under the seat. Even if you stash it in your toolkit, under the jack, or beside the spare tire, the thieves should still be able to find it.

Under the central console

A variety of plastic clips or several Phillip’s screws keep the central console on the floor in most of the sedans. Take them off, and the console is raised to a room that holds a complete gun and some ammunition cases.

Seat Backs

There are bucket seats in the new car. The rear of the seats is covered by a covering that clips over the cushion and covers the springs. In this area, a pistol, ammunition, and a long-short barrel weapon like an MP5 or Uzi can be hidden. Pop the seat back into place, and no one can know that it’s there. This can be accessed very quickly if necessary.

Under seats

Just on the floor under the seat, I’m not talking about it. What I am talking about here is attach by tape, zip, or something similar to the bottom of the heart. That prevents it from being noticed if anyone looks underneath the seat, but it is always there if you know where to look.

Door panels

You may cover up a shotgun or a short rifle with a folding stock. The door panel is fixed in place by clips and a few screws. You can remove the screws, but a sharp eye can see that something’s different. My recommendation is always to bring it back in the way it was so that no “giveaways” can be offered that something worth hiding is available behind the panel.

Behind radio

There are four corner holes in the radio. Look at yours; you’re going to see it. Most people don’t know that what they have to do is place the metal rods in these holes about the size of the wire hanger and slips the whole stereo out, leaving a large cabin to conceal arms and ammunition behind them.

What to Remember about the guns hiding in your car?

There are two things to keep in mind when using either homemade or store-bought gun storage devices. First, always use the same item. Second, don’t forget that your gun is in it. Just make sure that the weapons are not concealed in areas where they can go — even while you store them in your house.

 End thoughts

All you have to do with hiding your weapons so that the looters can not find them is this: conceal. Make sure you don’t leave signs, no signs saying “Oh, see here! ”.

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