How to plan solo trip to maldives 2021 :Full Guide

How to plan solo trip to maldives 2021

Travelers increasingly prefer to organize a do-it-yourself trip rather than go to a travel agency. Not all are experienced, web surfers or experienced travelers.

Planning your vacation completely on your own allows you to save some money and build a tailor-made itinerary for you. It is not difficult if you know how to do it, just a little method and some tips that we will give you now.

Choice of destination, choice of the period, and choice of budget

Before booking for the place you’ve always dreamed of visiting, are you sure you can best organize a perfect DIY trip? There are many aspects to take into consideration, one of them is the weather.

The holiday period does not always coincide with the right period for the goal you had in mind. Before choosing the place to visit, it is always better to find out about the weather you might find. Finding whether you didn’t expect often happens in areas of the rainy season, hurricanes, freezing winds, or extreme heat.

Booking quickly is not always optimal. Find out about the period before booking your trip.

If the season is not the best, perhaps it is better to opt for another destination. It would be better to change places or you risk having a bad memory not being able to visit all the beauties of the area that you would have liked.

Set an initial budget for the entire vacation and remember to review it every time you book something.

And if the amount available is not enough for faraway places, don’t give up on leaving. The world is all to visit! Just choose the type of holiday and book in time.

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Finding information for a do-it-yourself holiday

In order not to leave unprepared, look for information on websites or join groups of travelers that you can find on social networks. The best advice is what you will receive from someone like you who has lived this journey.

Depending on what you are looking for – hotels, b & bs, apartments, museums, restaurants, folklore – you will also have the right tips to save something or visit less touristy areas.

When booking a hotel or resort pay attention to all the information conveyed. It happened to some travelers to book a villa in the Maldives in a hurry for the attractiveness of the offer found, without paying attention to the information ” bikini not allowed “.

The Maldives are mainly Muslim and there are beaches where bathing is only allowed with a burkini.

Not realizing this travel information in time could ruin your vacation. Before taking initiatives it is important to find out about the culture of the place to leave prepared or if something does not like to be remedied in time.

Among the important information do not forget those concerning the necessary documents, visas, currency exchange, and accepted payment methods.

Create a travel itinerary

In the do-it-yourself organization, it considers the overall duration of the trip and the relative movements in the area. Better not to find yourself on the last day of your vacation 500 km away from the departure airport to go home!

Only after having made an outline of the places to visit and the areas to reach can you start looking for accommodation. Inquire about distances, public transport or if your option is car rental, take note of speed limits and necessary driving license. Get the best information to travel safely.

Always inquire with those who have already lived this experience and create your travel itinerary step by step.

Book your flight, facilities, museums, tours

Review your initial budget. After booking the most convenient flight for you, you can search for the accommodation or the different structures you have spotted. Find information on online reservations for the places you want to visit, tours organized by locals, or public transport passes for big cities.

There are always opportunities and ways to save when making reservations, especially if made in advance.

Organized group travel vs do-it-yourself travel

Organizing a do-it-yourself trip especially in faraway places is not a simple thing, but not impossible.

If you want to travel safely, having already booked and organized everything without looking for information, flight comparisons, accommodation, and various occasions found on the internet, then you could opt for an organized trip.

In addition to agencies, many travel bloggers have started organizing group travel, creating real packages divided by type of trip and by periods of the year, depending on the most popular or less touristy destinations.

The only thing the traveler has to do is to choose who to leave with, choose the dates made available and take a look at the travel program created by others and prepare the luggage.

What are the advantages of an organized trip?

You want to travel but you never find the company with whom to leave: what to do, to leave or not to leave alone?

Most of the people who opt for this type of travel are people who want to travel but don’t like doing it alone. If your friends don’t have the money or time that you might have, then it’s better to start with organized groups with unknown people and make a group.

Is the experience of the organized trip positive or negative?

All very subjective. You can make friends and have a great time exploring new destinations, or you may not be at all good with people who have nothing to do with you.

Having people who speak the local language or good English is also a plus for organized travel. You can be sure that you have all the necessary documents to leave, that you have everything calculated and you can rely on people who know the place, avoiding going on an adventure.

We are not all road travelers! This shouldn’t stop you from going on the journey of your life.

The other side of the coin of organized group travel

After all the positive aspects of this type of travel, we must also analyze things a little less positive. You must be aware that there will be things that by booking with an organized trip you will not be able to do and places that you will not be able to see.

The choice of the period imposed by the organizer could greatly limit your desire for exploration. Go on a trip of a few days when you could stay twice as long!

Another negative side is the choice of structures. Whether they are good or bad, you have to please them: hostels, apartments, quadruple rooms with unknown people.

Follow the travel plan. Perhaps this is the most annoying thing, not being able to see everything you wanted. Or not being able to eat in that typical place that you dreamed of so much, enjoy the local street food, or venture into less touristy areas to get in touch with the locals.

So in the end to leave or not to leave with organized trips?

The decision is subjective. You can also decide to leave for distant places with standard organized trips, which are more difficult to organize on your own, and instead, for closer destinations or in big cities, opt for a do-it-yourself trip, organized all in the smallest details depending on what you like.

One thing is certain. Spending money on travel makes you richer.

So whether it’s a do-it-yourself trip, solo, on the road, or an organized trip with unknown people to share their passions with, the important thing is to always book for new destinations.

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