Where is the best place to live in the mediterranean

Where is the best place to live in the mediterranean

Islands of the Mediterranean Sea are not only about having big resorts and relaxing activities. This island, strongly influenced by the Sea, can offer numerous experiences for every existing traveler.

Sardinia is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily, another Italian Island). With thousands of kilometers of coast and a savage hinterland, the Island offers adventurous and unforgettable activities for every season of the year. Take a look at our tips for every season, and enjoy your time during your trip there!

Winter, let’s get on board!

Usually, in the wintertime temperatures are low, perfect for a boat trip! Be sure to find out about the free boat deals which are frequently offered during this season. Winter is the time for sea races, and sailboats always look for members that have a passion for sea life.

The average boat crew is composed of eight members, and everyone on board is assigned a special role, including the ‘guests’. Going on a boat trip during the winter is an uncommon experience and one that should be given a chance, especially if you love being at sea.

Spring, time to walk…

If you’re planning your trip to Sardinia in the Spring season, you cannot forget one of the most exciting activities that the Island offers, the ‘Blue Savage’.

This trekking path, hidden in the Mediterranean Bush, is a 6-day walk around creeks, caves, rivers, and spectacular beaches. You can complete the Blue Savage alone, for free, but if it is your first time, many local guides are willing to take you on this wild excursion. They offer great – and affordable services!

Summer under the sea

Sardinia has lots of ‘Caribbean’ beaches, a natural heritage that you can enjoy for free. But, if you want to try something different by booking a daily submarine excursion. Visit some of the mysterious caves, dugout, and only accessible with a dive.

The most famous cave, the ‘Neptune Cave’, located in the North of the Island, is also reachable by an overlooking stairway, recommended for taking outstanding photos.

A relaxing Autumn

In Autumn you can find lots of curious and traditional ferries and discover a little bit more about the cultural heritage and past of the Island, including some of the delicious Sardinian dishes. Autumn is the perfect time to have a relaxing weekend and visit the beautiful and mysterious forest located in the center of the Island.

Following our tips, you can plan your weekend away and discover this beautiful Island during every season of the year!

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