Most beautiful places in the world to visit before you die

most beautiful places in the world to visit before you die

Top 21 Places to Visit in the World Before You Die

20 years from now, you will be disappointed to think that you could not do what you could. So leave the haven. Travel for discovery. Because not only do you see different countries or places in travel, but your knowledge power is also enriched.

Which is the most interesting place in the world to travel to? Such a question is first of all, but it is difficult to answer in one sentence. In this age of the internet, the world is getting smaller. However, for those who are thirsty for travel, the ‘addiction’ of wandering around the world has not diminished.

There are so many places in the world that if you look at the pictures you will not think that they are in the world; because the natural beauty of the place seems to match any background of the unearthly story. Today I have come up with 21 such beautiful places and their detailed discussion: –

  1. Santorini, Greece
    This is one of the most fascinating places in Greece. According to scientists, a volcanic eruption in the Aegean Sea in the 16th century created a circular island. In the evolution of time, it was named Santorini after Saint Irini. Yes, we are talking about the Greek island of Santorini. Santorini is one of the most visited islands in Greece.

It is a small island in the Aegean Sea about 200 km south of the mainland. And one of the features of this island is that it is caused by volcanic eruptions. Due to its natural architectural beauty, thousands of tourists come here every year to quench their thirst for travel. September to April of the year is the best time to visit Santorini.

  1. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada
    a place to marvel at in the world is the Capillano Suspension Bridge. The bridge is located in Vancouver, Canada. Its beauty works as a mantra to tourists around the world. It is about 140 meters long and hangs 60 meters above the ground. At least once in a lifetime, travelers will want to visit the Capilan Suspension Bridge. However, it is very scary to cross the bridge on foot.
  2. Rome, Italy
    Another beautiful place to visit in the world is the ancient city of Rome, Italy. It is also called the center of Western civilization. The city was discovered in 653 BC. Rome is an ancient city of the Paleolithic age. It is a unique pilgrimage site for the history, heritage, and art-culture of Europe. In ancient times small settlements developed here, which the civilized Greeks called Italy. Italy is a city of Roman civilization with a mixture of ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The world’s most iconic monument ‘Colosseum’ is located in this city. It is difficult to find people who want to return from Rome without seeing this monument.
  3. The Taj Mahal, India
    The most interesting place in the world is the Taj Mahal’ located in Agra, India. It is also called the monument of love or the Symbol of Love. It was started by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1932 and was completed in about 1648. This monument of love is located on the south bank of the river Jamuna. The Taj Mahal has attracted many tourists since its construction. It is ivory white color catches the eyes of tourists from afar. Most tourists visit India during the winter season in October, November, and February.
  4. Saif-ul-Muluk Lake, Pakistan
    The most beautiful and scenic lake is Saif-ul-Maluk Lake in northern Pakistan. It is located north of the Kaghan Valley near the town of Naran. It is located at an altitude of 10.58 feet above sea level.
  5. Sydney, Australia
    The city of Sydney is really beautiful. Sydney, a coastal city in Australia, is a great place to visit. Most of the tourists who come to visit this city come to visit the Harbor Bridge located in the city. Not only that, the bridge welcomes the new year with millions of tourists every year. All in all, Sydney, Australia can be called the heart of entertainment.
  6. Barcelona, ​​Spain
    Another city that attracts a lot of tourists every year in Barcelona, ​​Spain. No matter how tired you are on a trip to Europe, if you hear the name of Barcelona, ​​you will say yes in one sentence. Barcelona is a province with hundreds of years of extraordinary artistic architecture, memories of the Paralympics, and, above all, a strangely beautiful province. Signs of the Roman Empire can still be seen in Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast.
  7. Istanbul, Turkey
    Another beautiful and interesting place to visit in a lifetime is the Turkish city of Istanbul. The city is connected to Asia and Europe. It can be called a mixture of Asian and European civilizations. It is famous as the city of mosques. Because the craftsmanship of every mosque here will catch the eye of anyone. The magnificent city can be one of the attractions for travelers.
  8. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
    This beautiful waterfall is located on the border of Zimbabwe and at the mouth of the Zimbaji River. It is 108 meters high and 1,703 meters wide. About 935 cubic meters of waterfalls from this waterfall every second. Due to its height and width, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. David Livingstone, a British explorer, saw the waterfall in 1855 and named it after Queen Victoria. It is also considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
  9. Great Wall of China
    Great Wall of China Great Wall of China, who does not know about? It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This eye-catching wall was made of different materials. The main purpose of its construction was to protect China from European aggression. It is said that 12 pairs of horses can ride together on the Great Wall of China. This Great Wall of China is one of the largest man-made monuments in the world.
  10. The Antarctica, South Pole
    world’s most inaccessible continent is Antarctica which is located at the South Pole of the Earth. The area is about 14 million square kilometers. About 98% of this huge area is covered with 1.9 km thick ice on average. Antarctica was named the coldest place on earth on July 21, 1983. At that time the temperature was minus 79.2 degrees Celsius. It was the most remote place in the world and its minimum temperature was recorded at -129 degrees Celsius. The absence of population makes it a lonely place.
  11. Nishinomaru Garden, Japan
    place of interest on this planet is Nishinamaru Garden in Japan. It is located in the city of Osaka. Every year tourists from different parts of the world come here to see the cherry blossoms. The garden has more than 600 cherry trees and 95 varieties of apricot flowers.
  12. The Red Beach, China

Spending some time at The Red Beach, China Beach can be fascinating, but it doesn’t matter if it’s an amazing beach. And you can get such obsession at Red Beach in China. It is located in Doa, 30 km southwest of Panjin. When you see this beach, you will think its water is red. But in fact, its beauty is hidden in a kind of algae called Sueda salsa. And because of this, the color of the water is red. Its redness attracts the minds and hearts of the viewers and anyone who sees its beauty is stunned.

  1. Hiller Lake, Australia
    Hiller Lake is a reservoir of amazing natural beauty. Its location on the Middle Island of Western Australia. The amazing feature of this lake is that the water here is pink. The color of this water remains unchanged even after being taken in a container. According to scientists, its pink color is due to the algae found in the lake. Just because of the amazing-beautiful lake, a lot of tourists come here.
  2. Bora Bora Islands, France
    Bora Bora is an archipelago of 12 square miles, located west of French Polynesia. Surrounded by a lagoon and a wall width of about 230 kilometers (143 miles) northwest of Poppit, the capital of French Polynesia. In the middle of the island are two dead volcanoes, Mount Pehia and Mount Ottermenu. It recently won the title of the best island in the world. Resorts have sprung up on the island for leisure. Seen from a distance, it looks like small huts floating on the island.
  3. Glass Beach, California
    Beach Who doesn’t like it. It is difficult to find people who are not attracted to the vast blue sea and the vast waves that crash into the vast beach. The same picture of almost all beaches in the world. But there is a strange beach in Macquarie State Park near Fort Bragg, California. It no longer matches all beaches. Not sand but shiny pieces of glass here. And that’s why the beach is called Glass Beach. When you go to the beach, tourists will be amazed to see the transparent stones of different colors.
  4. Glow Worm Cab, New Zealand
    It is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world. As the name implies, the snow here is illuminated by sunlight. And the color of the scattering of this light will attract anyone. Located in New Zealand, this cave attracts visitors from all over the world. There is a visitor center in the cave to see its beauty.
  5. Pamukkal, Turkey Pamukkal
    is another beautiful place in the world. Located in Turkey, this city carries warm water over rocks. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1986. Its natural beauty attracts visitors like a mantra.
  6. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    Located in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Surrounded by large emeralds, the place is visited by thousands of tourists every year. There are also boats for sightseeing. The region is also famous for its mountains.
  7. Westin Maui Resort, America
    Another beautiful place to visit in a lifetime is Westin Maui Resort in America. A pair of fairs in a pleasant environment to spend the holidays. All the rooms in this resort are very attractive attracting tourists.

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