Unique places to visit in italy

7 Best places to visit in Italy

If you are planning a trip, have you considered the epitome of culture, architecture, history, and beauty, Italy? If no, then we are here to highlight some of the best destinations in Italy which you can include in your travel plans this year. The renaissance palazzos, the lakes, the mountains, the Neolithic cathedrals, there are thousands of reasons why this country should be your next destination. Starting from the beauty of Rome to the natural landscape of Italian lakes, there are places which will surely make you want to travel to Italy instantly.


One of the greatest art cities in the world, this city has frescoes by Giotto, canvases by Botticelli, and sculptures by Michelangelo that are ready to take you on a ride of history and art. There is also much more to Italy than its museums and monuments, its craft shops, quirky souvenirs, cultural diversity, art, music and so much more.

Even if you are not satisfied with this, Florence offers spectacular nightlife within the covered hills of Chianti. You can escape all your worries when you choose to travel here.


Step out of the Venice station to get yourself treated with a shining canal, go to San Simeon Piccolo, and enjoy Venice at its best. The bright churches, the handsome Gothic Palazzi and hangouts, everything is waiting at Venice just for you. You can enjoy all kinds of activities from heritage observation to the nightlife here.


There is no doubt that Rome is the most celebrated city in the world in terms of its architecture. It is a  city that combines historic heritage with human emotions. This shining European metropolis has renaissance palazzos, baroque fountains, and much more. You can also get souvenirs from its quirky shops,  great restaurants. The festivals, the celebrations, all of it should be a part of your trip to Rome. Enjoy this slow-moving city with its Mediterranean climate and cool breezes all day long while taking a walk in this cultural capital of the world.


Milan is known to be the best destination in Italy in terms of the experiences it has to offer. The fashion capital of the country, Milan is home to one of the best designers around the world. It has an international look, with lightning drinks and vibrant food. It is suitable for all budgets. If you are a shopping enthusiast, Milan should be on your travel list while you go to Italy. Its rich marketplaces, boutique shops, designer shoes are something you wouldn’t want to miss.


Food, drinks, heritage, architecture, you can find everything here in Tuscany. It is the root of everything, starting from great food, the spirit of religion, pride, and beauty. It is a collection of some handsome historic towns with things to see, eat and drink. Tuscany was one of the richest cities in Italy. The smaller hilltowns like San Gimignano, Volterra is there to get your stepson. If you travel to Italy, don’t forget to visit the vineyards of Chianti and Montalcino, the Wild Maremma coastal strip of the Carrara marble quarries that are present on the northern side of Lucca.

Italian lakes

If you don’t know about the beauty of Italian lakes, then it’s time for you to travel to Italy and witness them. The westernmost lake orta is a splendid patch of deep blue water on the side of one of the most beautiful medieval villages in the world, Orta San Giulio. Lake Maggiore which extends to the Swiss border is another wonder for the eye. Lake Iseo is one of the largest lakes and is also a popular tourist attraction in the country. The Romans settled around these lakes and built beautiful villas and houses on the foothills of the Alps. You can find them at vacation saga and enjoy the best experience with classic architecture and beautiful landscapes.


A hub of Mediterranean culture, this city is calling out to you with its Greek temples, smoking craters of mount etna, norman churches, and its islands. This city has a mild climate which makes it a popular place to visit regardless of the time of the year. Palermo, Siracusa, Catania, all these things are waiting for you to be discovered. This place is one of the best places to travel because you will be witnessing history, culture, art, food, and drinks all at the same place.

There is no one destination in Italy which is the best. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world both naturally and artistically. If you decide to get out of your country, Italy is the place you should visit this year. You will not regret putting these places on your travel bucket.

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