How to reach tadiandamol for trekking

How to reach tadiandamol for trekking

Tadiandamol Trekking Guide 2020

Coorg, a spot brimming with everlasting excellence and harmony, pulls in you to its upper surface. Tadiandamol Trek 5735 feet is high, which is perhaps the best spot for its greenery and harmony.

Tadiandamol implies in the Kannada language a significant stone or hill (mountain). Tadiandamol Trek is one of the most wonderful journeys in India, and it is a position of interest for travelers and naturalists.

Tandiandamol Location

Tadiandamol (Thadiyandamol) is the most elevated mountain in the Kodagu locale of Karnataka.

Tadiandamol journey is the third-most noteworthy Peak of Karnataka, and it is just more modest than the pinnacles of Mullayyanagiri and Kudremukha.

The town of Nalakand (Nalnad) Nalnad signifies ‘4 networks’, arranged at the lower regions of Tadiandamol, is known for its lovely fields and climate.

Tadiandamol Weather


Span: March Month To May Month

Throughout the late spring, the daytime climate is somewhat warm at 35 degrees, yet around evening time the temperature diminishes to 17 degrees.

Summer climate is great for following.


Span: June Month To October Month

Southwest storms and north-east rainstorms cause weighty precipitation in Tadiandamol.

Right now, the view turns out to be considerably more brilliant, and there is a full development of vacationers.


Span: November Month To February Month

The climate gets freezing in the colder time of year, and the temperature goes from 5 degrees to 12 degrees.

The climate gets exquisite and brimming with greenery.

Tadiandamol Trek Banned

Notwithstanding, it has been prohibited for following there since 2016. A few people go there to the lower regions of the mountain and experience lovely scenes.

Most right now, Tadiandamol journey Homestay is going on. In any case, you can come here and see the all-encompassing perspectives, appreciate the greenery and the harmony here.

How long is Tadiandamol Trek?

Tadiandamol is a moderate level trip with a complete length of 6 km.

You can rapidly finish this following in such a day, and you can finish the excursion soon.

How would I get to Tadiandamol from Mysore?

The closest railroad station and air terminal are Mysore, which is 100 km from Kogadu.

You can rapidly get transport from wherever to Mysore, at that point from Mysore, you can go to Kagadu, and from that point, you can proceed with your excursion.

You can come here rapidly BY Road, By train, and By plane.

How would you do Tadiandamol Trek?

The excursion of the Tadiandamol journey starts in the principal stage with a cascade that enraptures the brain of the Nalkanad Palace.

From that point, you arrive at the stopping point from Vievoipont and there. During the excursion, you will consistently encounter an inward harmony that will cause you to feel more appealing.

The excursion from the backwoods section highlight outdoors is tough and can make you tired, so keep the things that don’t dry the throat with you in the excursion.

This excursion of Tadiandamol journeying will make you more inspired by your traveling.

Any charge to be paid for woods division for Tadiandamol journey

You don’t need to pay expenses all over; you are charged just Rs 20 for each individual for taking a section from the backwoods point.

You can see this excellent and lovely spot of nature for a charge of just 20 rupees.

When arriving at the pinnacle of Tadiandamol, how we have to get back do we have to follow a similar trip course or how?

When you arrive at the pinnacle of the Tadiandamol Trek, you need to follow a similar way and descend. You need to descend the other way around of how the excursion began.

You need to come from the timberland section highlight perspective and afterward to Nalkanad Palace; if you are going as a gathering, at that point you can make the excursion pleasant.

Things to Carry

  1. – Xerox Copy of you Aadhar/Voter ID (Mandatorily needed for grants)
  2. – Small knapsack to convey your fundamentals during the trip
  3. – Power Bank
  4. – Warm Layer ( Kodaikanal has a cool temperature up to 6-10 Degree )
  5. – Water bottles – 3 (1.5 liter each)
  6. – Lunch Box and Spoon to convey your pressed lunch
  7. – Raincoat/Bag covers if there should arise an occurrence of downpours
  8. – An agreeable pair of shoes with great hold for journeying
  9. – Flip-flops for lazing around the campground
  10. – Torch/Headlamp to be utilized around evening time
  11. – Portable chargers for your gadgets
  12. – Extra pair of garments to change into once wet
  13. – Polybags to pack your wet garments
  14. – Extra money for dinners excluded from the agenda

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