Safest destinations to travel during covid

Safest destinations to travel during covid

Safe Countries to Travel during COVID-19

Planning a trip amidst a pandemic is a great challenge. We have listed some of the places below where you can travel to have a break from regular life.

As the coronavirus has celebrated its first birthday this month, probably it had been a great year for COVID as it is the only thing which traveled the most this year. Pandemic has thoroughly changed our lives and left a great impact on the world. The most affected activity by coronavirus is going out. We certainly fear or think twice before stepping out since COVID became a part of our lives. Planning a trip amidst a pandemic is a great challenge. You have to be careful about the kind of exposure you are going to face while traveling. The utmost significant steps while traveling during COVID is to understand better about the place you are going to. Even after a year, there are a handful of places around the world that are safe for travel during a pandemic. We have listed below some of the places where you can travel to have a break from regular life.

New Zealand

Safest destinations to travel during covid

New Zealand is among the few countries in the world which are least affected by the pandemic. We all know how Kiwis has succeeded in defeating the pandemic now and then. At present, there are around 2,013 cases in New Zealand while the total cases around the world stand at 50 million. You can plan your travel to this beautiful country where you do not have to worry much about getting infected. The thing you must keep in mind is that New Zealand has still restricted traveling to beat the outbreak. The purpose of your traveling can only be business or education and you have to follow the quarantine and social distancing norms as well.


Safest destinations to travel during covid

Thailand is the first country to open its border again for tourism since the outbreak of COVID-19. Thailand’s government has brilliantly controlled the dissemination of viruses which helped them to re-open tourism in the country. All those travelers who are dying to go holidaying on beaches can get their international flight tickets booked at EaseMyTrip at lower prices. Thailand is loaded with tourist destinations which include fantastic honeymoon places like Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Phi Phi Islands, and many more. Thailand can be that much-awaited break from this new COVID life.

Vatican City

Safest destinations to travel during covid

Vatican City is one of the safest countries in the world which are not much affected due to coronavirus. Though the neighbors of Vatican City like Rome are badly affected by the virus, this enticing country has managed to beat the virus. Vatican City was declared Corona Virus-free from 6th June 2020 after all its patients fully recovered. Keeping in mind how COVID can be an immense threat to the countrymen, Vatican City has opened its border for travelers but has partially opened the tourism aspect of your visit. You can go to Vatican City while following all the social distancing norms and following quarantine requirements. Tourism is yet to be completely open for travelers in Vatican City.

East Timor

Safest destinations to travel during covid

East Timor might be not one of the most famous places in the world for traveling. It is a small country in South Asia which was declared COVID free on May 15th, 2020. However, tourism is yet partially accepted in East Timor to dodge any new case. If you have visited China as of February 10, you will be barred from visiting the island. You can keep East Timor on your travel list for the time when restrictions will be uplifted. Beaches of East Timor serve as a heavenly experience for travelers.

South Korea

Safest destinations to travel during covid

South Korea currently stands with around 30K cases which are comparatively lower than what other countries are facing. With a certainly lower number of cases, South Korea has opened its tourism door for travelers who had this enticing country on their wish list. South Korea is a country full of culture and a mesmerizing landscape. A true traveler always craves such an intriguing combination. You can visit pristine beaches like Jeju-do, Jeju-si, Busan, Gyeongju-si, Gangneung-si, and many more.

As tourism is resuming in different parts of the world slowly and carefully, make sure you are taking all the required precautions and maintaining social distancing norms. You can book your flight tickets with zero convenience fees from EaseMyTrip at lower prices.

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