5 ways to save money on transportation while travelling

5 ways to save money on transportation while travelling

If you want to travel for a long time it is smart to live as cheap as you can. If you do that, you can travel as long as you want. Because we want to help you, we give you a few tips on how to save money while you’re traveling.


Probably the cheapest and the most fun way to travel is to hitchhike. First of all, you mostly travel for free. You can also agree with the driver that you pay him or her a small amount. Second of all, it can be fun to meet new people and exchange experiences.

Besides that, if a local gives you a ride, he or she has enough advice about what to visit, where to eat, etc. By taking the gamble of hitchhiking, you will get to the most beautiful non-touristic hotspots!

Go by bike

If you’re staying in one city for a few days, you can easily rent a bike for a low price. By bike, you travel faster than on foot and you get to see a lot of one city. It is way cheaper than public transport or a taxi. Plus, if you cycle, you see more of the city than when you are in an underground tube.

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Pre-book an airport taxi

When you want a safe ride from the airport to your temporary staying you can book a taxi in advance. If you do that, you know the price in advance and you can calculate it in your budget. It is a safe and secure option and you can be sure that you find yourself in a comfortable taxi.

It is also possible to book a cab ride to the airport. In that case, you can be sure that you arrive at the airport in time to catch your plane. You can find an example of a service to pre-book your taxi here.

City cards

Almost every big and modern city in the world has a city card or tourist pass. You buy one when you arrive and you can travel with the public transport for free, you get discounts on tourist attractions or you can even go for free.

Combine your flight

If you’re not only flying somewhere and go back from the same place, it can save a lot of money when you combine your flights. If you fly with just one airline, they can fit all your flights in one booking so that you also have a quick overview of your flight schedule.

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