10 Best Tourist Spots In Bangkok

10 Best Tourist Spots In Bangkok

For anybody seeing Asia for the first time afterward, Bangkok is a beautiful place to get started. Here you will get a wonderful mix of things to see and do out of temples, floating markets, a fantastic party atmosphere, exceptional dining experiences, and a lot more.

Below are a few of the best things to see and do during your trip to Bangkok.

1. Wat Suthat

This magnificent Buddhist temple in Bangkok was one of my favorite temples and needed to be high on your list of items to see. Wat Suthat is made up of a massive temple at the center within a lovely Phra Sri Sakayamunee Buddha. Surrounding the temple is an enormous courtyard, and around the perimeter are significant amounts of Buddha statues lining the walls.

2. The Giant Swing

In the front of Wat Suthat is your Giant Swing that’s a famous religious structure constructed in 1784. The arrangement is 21 meters high and previously was used as a spiritual Brahman rite by priests that used to swing onto the construction to pay homage to the Shiva God. Because of mishaps that no longer occurs.

3. Dine in the darkened

For a very Distinctive experience, visit the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Here you will have the chance to dine in the dark that entails sitting pitch black and being served by people with sight impairments. The menu is usually set, and if you have allergies or do not eat certain foods, then the restaurant may serve/adjust accordingly.

4. Wat Arun

Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn is an ancient Buddhist temple situated across the Chao Phraya River in central Bangkok. The temple has existed since the 17th century and is composed of a gorgeous principal tower (prang) at the center and four spikes on every corner. This fundamental prang is about 79 meters and contains excellent colored glass and Chinese porcelain decorating it.

Wat Arun was something that I had been eager to acquire images of during my trip. Among the most significant perspectives is from the rooftop bar of Sala Rattanakosin that’s on the other side of the lake. It’s possible to stay at this resort for a guest or see the restaurant or even the rooftop bar. Know everything about American Airlines Basic Economy and find the best flight offers, hotels, and vacation packages to Bangkok.

5. Wat Pho and the Reclining Buda

Wat Pho is a big temple complex south of the Grand Palace and is the Reclining Buddha. This is a gorgeous 46 meters long gold Buddha statue lying on its side and is among the very beautiful Buddhas I have seen. The complex is rather large and contains:
Other temples and Prang towers.

  • Stupas.
  • Buddha statues.
  • A Healthcare and Medical school.
  • Lodging for monks.
  • I discovered Wat Pho especially impressively, and you could easily spend a good couple of hours researching.

6. Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is one of Thailand’s highlights and many important landmarks. The Palace has been created in 1782 and contains various sections, such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). This can be Thailand’s most sacred and famous Buddhist monument and is created from ideal jade and surrounded by golden ornaments and decorations.

The Grand Palace complex also has throne rooms, government offices, and various museums. Even though the Palace is no longer employed as a royal residence since 1925, it’s still occasionally used for occasions and imperial ceremonies.

7. Party across Khao San road

Khao San road is famously known as the place to go for backpackers and to the celebration. Around this area, you will find heaps of hostels and pubs that are fantastic for seeing night. If you’re traveling solo and therefore are very young, I would suggest staying in this region.

8. Wat Saket (Golden Mount)

The Wat Saket also referred to as the Golden Mount, is something I highly suggest seeing when you’re in Bangkok. You gradually climb up a path into the temple, and about the very top is a significant and lovely gold chedi (seen below). In the Golden Mount, you’ll have the ability to find excellent views of the surrounding region also.

9. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

A little from town and a fantastic day excursion are to see the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Many hostels and resorts need to have the ability to arrange this for you. If not, stop by a local travel agent.

10. Wat Ratchanatdaram

This gorgeous temple complex is quite near the Golden Mount. It is made up of a 36-meter high-performance with 37 metal spires around three levels. It’s also known as a metallic castle. At the top, you receive delightful views like seen below. Near the temple are all beautiful gardens that are also pleasant to walk around.

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