how to store food for long time traveller

how to store food for long time traveller

5 Tips to store your food and Liquor for a long time while traveling

Traveling around beautiful places with family and friends in leisure time is the best way to relax your brain. The time you spend with the family and friends will not only relax your mind but boost your energy bounce to the work. If you are a traveling freak, storing food and liquor during the travel turns to be cumbersome especially when you are on long trips and love to carry your home food and liquor brand with you. Here are some tips to help you with storing food and liquor for a long time while traveling.

If you have little planning ahead to pack your bags with food and drinks on your travel, it will help you save fistful cash that can be utilized for other travel needs. Let’s talk about the food first and discuss the liquor storage tips in the later section.

Storing high-risk foods

If you are traveling to high-temperature zones on your dr 650, you should be cautioned that these climatic conditions can prone to the growth of food poisoning bacteria so, you should avoid high-risk foods like raw or cooked meat, dairy products, seafood, pasta, and more. If you are compelled to carry these high-risk foods while travel, special care should be taken in their packing, pack food in a large cooler and replenish with ice for long life.

Storing cooked food

If you are traveling for a short picnic and love to enjoy with family and friends homemade food or planning for a potluck, it is important to serve the cooked food warm to retain its taste, so, ensure that you pack food in insulated containers so, that heat won’t escape from the sealed box. If your menu is on barbecue food, you have to pack them separately from beverages with the help of additional coolers. You should wrap the meat in plastic bags to prevent leakage too. If you love to carry chocolate on your travel, don’t refrigerate them as it easily absorbs moisture and losses life quickly when it is taken out. Store it in a dry place to give it a longer life than expected.

Storing fruits

If you are willing to carry fruits on your trip, freeze-dry them for longer shelf life. This method keeps you away from worrying about spoilage. It is an additional advantage when you are on international travel because freeze-drying fruits make it legal to bring fruits to different countries.

Store liquor in the carbonated bottle

Every wine lover knows how precious is an ounce of Glenlivet 12 wine when you are on travel. The best idea to ensure you sip every ounce of wine in the bottle is to store in small quantities in carbonated bottles. These bottles can be alternatively used as water bottles too. If this idea turns you off, you can consider packing alcohol in an insulated hydro flask growler to ensure the wine is cold and freezy.

Use pack-friendly containers

Carrying the best wine in the bottle is risky as they are fragile. If you miss taking proper care during packing luggage like bubble wrap and tight packing, these wine bottles are a high risk of breakage. Your purpose of carrying the wine to the trip will go wane. You can choose to pack the wine in the plastic pouches in small quantities. Apart from protecting wine from spillage on your clothes, these pouches will easily fit into smaller spaces making your luggage travel light while allowing you to carry the best liquids you love.

Thermo flask for your cocktails

Having some additional fun on the trips will always boost your energy. If you love to refresh yourself with a mix of cocktails, it is a good idea. Not every place you travel will make you find the wish brands for your alcohol. You can either choose to store this cocktail mix in the thermal flask for longer life or pack them in travel toiletry kits. If you have more time ahead of your journey, you can consider freezing the drink in the giant zip bag ahead of time to enjoy a longer life of alcohol during the travel.

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