Best time to go to ibiza 2021

Best time to go to ibiza 2021

Ibiza is an idyllic island in the Mediterranean that boasts sun-drenched beaches, UNESCO-listed heritage, watersports galore, and mellow waterfront cafes – but let’s be honest, most tourists flock there for its epic party vibe. There is plenty to see and do there, the club culture and beach parties.

Parting in Ibiza is full of fun and excitement, so any club you find yourself be sure to catch moments of excitement and fun. In as much there is a lot of fun in any club you find yourself in Ibiza this are the major clubs to party in Ibiza:

Places to visit in ibiza

  • Pacha Ibiza – 
  • Amnesia Ibiza –
  • Privilege Ibiza – 
  • Ushuaïa Ibiza – 
  • Sankeys Ibiza – 
  • Es Paradis Ibiza – 
  • Eden Ibiza – 
  • DC-10 Ibiza – 
  • Benimussa Park Ibiza

Be sure of lots of fun when you visit any of these clubs. There are three major clubbing resorts in Ibiza Playa d’en Bossa: this resort is located on the east coast of the island, south of Ibiza town. These resorts have the most beautiful long beach and a gorgeous night party life. San Antonio: San Antonia is on the west of Ibiza, this is the home of the world-famous sunset strip.

And is a center is full of lots of bars, this town is lively both day and night. Santa Eulalia: If you in for something quieter then Santa Eulalia is a good choice to settle down in. This town is a bit quieter than any of the other resorts. It is on the east coast towards the north.

It has no big club but has a great selection of bars and lots of restaurants. Ibiza Town: Is full of bars and shops, is also full of international crowd. The distance of Playa den Bossa is only a quick taxi from Ibiza town. The big club PACHA is only a short walk.


Dres’s Code:

Almost everything goes when parting in Ibiza. It does not matter if you brought jeans and shirts, but the reality is that you don’t actually need them. For guys, simple t-shirts w/ shorts & sneakers are OK. Ladies, wear whatever you want. Just avoid the lines.


This is mostly a tip for women, wearing comfortable footwear is key when you’re dancing on your feet (or standing in a line) all night long. Sure, heels may look cute, but they’re just not practical here. None of the hip fashionists wears sky-high stilettos here – it’s just not done. Flip flops are probably on the “too casual” end of the fashion spectrum and would be kind of painful if/when you get stepped on in the crowded dance floor. Aim for some sexy flats, summery sandals, or maybe comfy low wedges if you want to achieve a balance of style and comfort.

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Don’t Buy Tickets at the Door:

Getting to buy tickets at the door not only wastes your time but also costs you more money. If you don’t want to actually waste a lot of time standing in the line to buy tickets, wasting time while a whole of fun is going on inside. Getting to buy your ticket online is the best option for you.

You can get your packages online from companies like “Spotlight” and “Together Week”. If you can afford a splurge. Check on local flyers for deals, or score some wristbands from the many promoters trolling the streets (check their ID to make sure they’re legit).

And last on my list of things not to do when you party in Ibiza is don’t be late for midnight Parties.

Make sure you arrive before 1 AM. Popular weeknights for the party in Ibiza If you visit the island from Monday – Thursday which happens to be the biggest nights during the party season. Here is a summary of some of the week’s biggest nights:

  • Monday Ibiza-Guetta
  • Masquerade Motel @ Pacha0
  • Swedish House Mafia
  • Club live @ Privilege Tiesto
  • Tuesday Carl Cox @ Space w/ rotating guests Norman Cook, Roni Size & Elio Riso
  • Wednesday La Troya / Espuma @ Amnesia
    The only foam party & one room hosts the island’s popular gay party night
  • Thursday
  • F*** Me I’m Famous @ Pacha
  • David Guetta w/ rotating guests Afrojack, Avicii, Will. I.Am, and Taio Cruz
  • Cream @ Amnesia
  • Paul Van Dyk w/ rotating guests Laidback Luke, Wolfgang Gartner, and Calvin Harris

The world’s best clubs, white sand beaches, and unforgettable parties are calling your name! Here’s what each month of the Ibiza Summer season has to offer:


The Ibiza Opening Parties in June are when the island clubbing brands bring in the heavyweights to get an early start as the top spot of the season. The island has really heated up in June as the opening parties began at the end of May through to the middle of June.

The Ibiza Opening Parties in June are when the island clubbing brands bring in the heavyweights to get an early start as the top spot of the season. Each year, the competition between clubs gets more and more fierce so get ready for incredible lineups, lights, lasers, and fresh-faced ravers. So expect to go to some of the biggest parties in June.


July in Ibiza is a popular time for many as students are done for Summer and people are in full Summer holiday mode. During July a lot of parties and fun goes down on all the coast of Ibiza. The island is full of people. There is a rise in tickets and everything during this period.


During Ibiza August, is the hottest time in Ibiza. Be sure to expect a lot of beach parties and experience the best vibes from the amazing beach clubs in Ibiza. One of the major highlights of Ibiza in August is when BBC Radio 1 arrives which is without a doubt one of the biggest events on the White Isle and is usually considered to be the peak of the season.

Always taking place on the first weekend of August, BBC Radio 1 takes over the Ushuaia Beach Hotel with the hottest DJ sets in the stunning venue.


If you want to experience the climactic Ibiza closing parties, then September is the month for you. As the season draws to a close, every person, beach, boat, bar, and superclub picks up the momentum for the biggest blowout of the year.

“Together Week Ibiza” is an all-star combination of the best that the White Isle has to offer for ANY time of the Summer. Check it out and sign up to stay in the loop! The Together Events the Only Package offers access to Superclubs and top events like Amnesia, Pacha, Sankeys, Zoo Project, Ocean Beach Ibiza, Sunset Boat Party + More! From just £149.

Places to stay if you in for Party in Ibiza

In for fun? Party hotel with a distinctly unique VIP feel, then Ushuaia Club, Ushuaia Towers, or Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes are definitely for you.

There’s also Urban Spaces, a new boutique art hotel opening in the heart of Ibiza Town this summer which comes with a very Ibiza-centric set of personal services and a room service menu you won’t find anywhere else.

And always keep in mind in as much as you have so much fun, always remember to party safe in Ibiza except you willing to spend as much as €25 in a pharmacy.

Ibiza on a budget!

Many people want to go to Ibiza but we all know that Ibiza is an expensive holiday and it is just getting more and more expensive. Here are some tips for people who want to go to Ibiza have a party holiday, and not spend so much money with still having a great time.

Meet the locals

One of the best things to do in Ibiza is talking to local people. Depending on which area you are located in than the local people will be able to recommend you nice places to go that are within your budget.

Some of the Spanish people are not so friendly to foreigners however if you are friendly to them then many times they will be friendly back and share some of their local secrets.

Find good club deals

It is a known fact that the club tickets are very expensive! This is why it’s good to buy your tickets far in advance and look for cheap deals. Club nights in Pacha can go up to 80 euros at the door. If you cannot buy your tickets in advance then I would recommend going around Ibiza town to some of the stalls around that have small discounts.

Eat locally or at home

There are some of the best restaurants in Ibiza. However, they are known to be some of the most expensive restaurants in the world. This is why I advise you to either: go to a local Spanish restaurant where usually you can find some good typical Spanish food that is not expensive.

Another alternative is depending on where you are staying if there is a kitchen to just go to the supermarket and buy some ingredients and make your own food. The supermarkets in Ibiza have very nice fresh products that you can cook with.


If you don’t have a car or even if you do have a car, you don’t want to drive on a night out. Also, taxis are quite expensive in Ibiza, especially at night time. That is why the busses are a great option. The normal busses are going regularly until midnight, however, after that, there are night buses in Ibiza town, Santa Eularia, Playa den Bossa, and San Antonio.

This costs only 3 euros and is a nice play to meet people who are also going to a party. The night buses run until 6:45 AM.

Free things to do

There are many things that you can do in Ibiza that you don’t have to spend any money for except getting there. The island is renowned for its beautiful beaches that I would highlight recommend to go check out.

Some of my favorite ones are Cala Salada, Punta Galera, Benniras, Salinas, Cala Conta, and much more! Other things you can go up to Dalt Vila which is the old part of Ibiza town.

It is a spectacular old castle that is very nice to see both daytime and night. Furthermore, if you want to do free party activities then every day along the beach of Playa den Bosaa there are beach bars that have music playing and a good atmosphere.

The only problem is that food or drinks there are very overpriced, so I advise you to eat and pre-drink before going there.

When does the Ibiza season start in 2022?

In 2020 Ibiza decided to keep the clubs closed throughout 2021 if a COVID-19 vaccine was not found. luckily, Maria Antònia Font, the Balearic General Director Of Public Health, said: “We are closer to the end of a bad dream.”

mass vaccination is scheduled to start on the island in April 2021, with most of its citizens scheduled to be vaccinated by May 2021 with a plan to cover 10000 people a week.

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