Top Things to do in Santa Clara

Santa Clara

With its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, one might assume that Santa Clara’s attractions are limited to those of a sleepy tech area. Despite its gleaming exterior, Santa Clara is a city where tradition and invention coexist harmoniously.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Santa Clara and its numerous attractions. Santa Clara encompasses everything from exciting family attractions and immersive museums and historical landmarks, school campuses, and the world’s high-tech stadium.

Santa Clara is a charming town of contrasts. With traces of its history still lingering in the middle of contemporary culture, its legacy has succeeded in embracing the demands of a fast-running nation.

When attempting to keep up with a world like this, take a break and visit this lively community, where tradition and imagination flourish.

Santa Clara is strategically situated near all Silicon Valley activities, so what does Santa Clara itself have to do? Book your tickets to Santa Clara with Delta airlines book a flight option to figure it out immediately. However, here’s a list of lovely places and entertainment to enjoy when you visit the area.

Tour Levi’s Stadium

The 49ers’ new home and the site of Super Bowl 50 is Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco. This magnificent stadium includes high-end football and fun activities such as the classic bacon and beer and offers visitors access to the stadium and the stunning museum of the 49s.

Central Park

The Santa Clara Neighborhood Recreation Center supports youth activities, outdoor pools, sports and training programs, golf and tennis, cultural classes, and an annual art and wine festival.

The center is situated in the middle of Central Park and is well-equipped with basketball courts, recreation fields, and shaded picnic areas ideal for barbecues.

Unofficial Koreatown

The unofficial Koreatown of Santa Clara is located along El Camino Real and culminates in the Lawrence Square shopping center. This is where tasty and genuine Korean food is served. Enjoy the Korean barbeque, snow cream, Korean fried chicken, etc.

Great America Amusement Park

This 100-acre theme park is just a few minutes away and offers over 40 rides and attractions, including Goliath, North America’s tallest wooden roller coaster at 165 feet.

At California’s Great America amusement park, you’ll have a blast. Bring the whole family to the greatest attraction in the Bay Area!

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Triton Museum of Art

Small and open, the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara is a great hour’s visit. The beautiful sculpture garden lies beneath the redwoods, and its four-winged gallery is home to many local contemporary artists. The museum holds many cultural programs, including workshops in arts and crafts, tailgates, and auctions.

Kuma Trapped! Escape Room

Escape Room is an entertaining match for friends, the family, and colleagues whether you’ve either wanted to be the hero of a crime thriller or enjoy puzzles. Check out secret mysteries and use hints to escape the room along with ten others.

Westfield Valley Fair

Have a drink or cross the street to admire Santana Row, the highest shopping center. Santana Row is a beautiful place to shop on windows, watch a film, or savor a regular breakfast, lunch, or snack and is the best place to enjoy an exquisite night-time dining experience.

There’s much to see and do in Santa Clara. See what’s happening here in town once you are done with spirit airlines reservations.

It’s always going to be something fun! Santa Clara is a jewel of California that can be treasured for years to come. It is a city with both history and a modern outlook.

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