How much would it cost to travel across america

how much would it cost to travel across america

At the supermarket, gas station, the support center visitors even on the street, visitors easily find free newspapers flooded with advertising services and coupons. From here, you will have the savings for travelers is extremely impressive “backpacking” in Chinese.

Many travelers said a tour in the US will be very cheap if journeys are clearly identified before carrying a backpack on his way. And they paid 1-5 dollars for admission to several amusement parks, attractions, or museums in American reputation after hunting coupons on free newspapers are everywhere.

Besides, many travelers have substantial cost savings when purchasing tickets online. Many cafes, motels perform a free program for children, sometimes from the age of 16. So please bring scissors to go “backpacking” in America because you will need them to cut the coupons!


Basically, the room price will fluctuate greatly depending on the time. According to the business travel world, this is called a “performance management system”.

In the northeastern US, peak tourist season usually starts in May and ends in September, the low season usually falls in January and February. This time, room rates tend to be reduced to half.

Florida, from November to March was the peak season culminates with the Festival last year and on January 2. During this period, the cost of living increases, particularly in Miami Beach and Key West, two areas always full of tourists. However, room rates will fall to the bottom in the low season from April to August 10. In some areas, room rates may vary corresponding to the seasons.

Peak tourist season in California beginning in May and ending in September. However, some hotels, motels started in business in March and ends in November. In the wilderness desert in South America, you will hardly find cheap room stays from November to March and in April. During the low season, room rates fell 20-40% this place, sometimes more.

In fact, you can still negotiate room rates with hotels and guesthouses, depending on the occupancy rate of premises. The negotiations may be conducted directly and in off-peak times, especially when guests arrive late in the day and pay cash. In this field, you do not hesitate to take advantage of every opportunity to get a discount.

Campgrounds country / state

One of the most economical ways to enjoy the journey in the US is driving and camping in the national park. Expenses for travel mode consuming only 15-25 USD / sites/site/day for up to six people with two cars.

Even in some areas, visitors also get free admission (as alleyway Chelly and the memorial area Navajo in Arizona) or golf camp in the national park in the western United States. However, these places often have strict rules. So before you leave, you should inform a roadmap for management of the park.

According to the experience of many travelers, the national parks in the United States are one of the places to visit when traveling the United States, by the landscape here is extremely rich and full of new things with the visitors from afar.


The majority of US airlines often meet the needs of a ticket for ticket forwarding coupons for North American flights for the passengers abroad a plane ticket to America. Fares are calculated depending on the total number of air miles traveled by passengers.

This is especially useful for those travelers looking to secluded places. The coupon of this type is usually released from the airline alliance Star Alliance, One World, and Sky Team for value within 60 days. To avoid nuisance may occur, travelers should determine the roadmap before deciding to buy coupons.

In the case of changing airplanes, passengers will have to pay more for coupons. So looking to understand the provisions of the airline when booking. As you move inland in the United States, visitors can go to the car rental company small. Car hire is sometimes not a new but very reasonable price.

Note, some small companies do not have a regime rental car in one place and return in another place as large companies. In a long way around the country, travelers should use its rail transportation Rail Pass Amtrak.

Train tickets of Rail Pass allow passengers to perform an unlimited number of times for pre-determined ways over a period of 15, 30, or 45 days (respectively 8, 12, or 18 times). Train tickets valid for 180 days (6 months). Depending on the length of the road, fare about 440-860 USD (220-430 USD Child age 2-15 / ticket).

Shopping cheapest

Especially in January, the discount sales program is almost overwhelming in the US, with the price enough to suit every traveler’s purse in an extremely joyful state! So if you like shopping, should pay attention to the special program of commercial centers or small shops.

One of the most experienced travelers is a bargain hunting connoisseur each transmission is the product to the store from the factory, the huge commercial center located on the outskirts of large cities, keep an eye on the billboards discount rate, set along the interstate highway.

At the store the factory of the major brands of clothing and footwear, products are sold throughout the year at a very competitive price, but sometimes faulty goods (usually notified immediately on the label).

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