Travel gadgets to stay fit while traveling

Travel gadgets to stay fit while traveling

Gadgets to help you stay fit in the travel

When you are on a trip to some new location, your regular schedule is disturbed totally. You will have to miss some important regular activities on the day when you are on a trip. Everything right from your morning coffee tonight dinner will be subjected to changes in your travel.  If your body is not accustomed to these changes during the travel, your health may be disturbed. Technology has brought some gadgets into the market to help you stay fit during your travel.

Whether you are on adventurous travel or a luxury trip, you have to take precautions to make your body adjust to the climatic conditions in the new location. However, your common sense plays a key role in protecting your health out of your native home, using few tech gadgets during your travel will be quite helpful to keep your health intact.

Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

This device is introduced in the market to help the user monitor their physical activity in a day. You can wear this gadget either to the wrist on your clothing. This is a waterproof activity monitor so, you can use it to track your activity whilst in water as well, i.e. when you are swimming. The activity monitor helps you check the daily progress by syncing up wirelessly with the phone.

USB portable humidifier

Whether you are traveling to a location with a hot climate or cold climate, this is a must-have gadget in your bag. You will be amazed at this portable humidifier. You have to just screw the water bottle into the gadget and plug it into the USB outlet. You will get great relief from the cold.  This gadget acts as a personal caregiver and keeps you away from flu, cold, itchy skin, and sinus. It works two ways around. You can use this gadget while traveling in a hot location as well, just make sure you add cold water in the bottle and you will get refreshing air.

UV Disinfection Scanner

When you are on travel, your body will be exposed to dust, bacteria, and bugs most of the time. It is important to keep your body safe from all these unwanted bacteria. This scanner is quite helpful in killing 99.9% of different bacteria just in 10 seconds. It works effectively in killing the bacteria like E.Coli, Salmonella, and the H1N1 virus. You can use this scanner in your hotel rooms and house as well.

Sleep Tracker

The sleep tracker is much beyond giving a wakeup call in the morning. It helps you in a great way by giving insight into your personal sleeping habits. The accelerometer inside the sleep tracker will detect the moments associated with restlessness and notifies you when you are in the light sleep stage.  As the tracker helps you record the moments of restlessness when you are awake, you can upload your sleep data into the computer via USB and review it often.  Apart from all, it helps you wake up call at your optimum time based on your sleep patterns so, you will feel refreshed the next morning after a hectic schedule.

Portable water purifier

It is important to stay hydrated when you travel overseas because the climate conditions are different from your native. Drinking any water available in the locality may expose you to many health issues. To keep you away from such hassles, carry this portable water purifier with you. It contains a USB and rechargeable battery so; you can power it from anywhere. You can charge it from an external power outlet or computer portable solar panel.

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