Travel on a budget in the Philippines

Travel on a budget in the Philippines

If you are looking to travel to Southeast Asia, the Philippines would be one of the countries you MUST visit! Why not travel to a country with more than 7000 islands? If you are on a tight budget, this will definitely help you to budget your trip to the Philippines.



Free accommodation? Couchsurfing is for everyone who’s on a tight budget. It is also important that you make a profile in Couchsurfing it’s free and most of the time, surfers do not pay the host they just get the host a drink or treat them to dinner/lunch to repay the hospitality of the host.

This is for everyone mostly for backpackers there are a lot of benefits to Couchsurfing it’s not just because it’s free but you also learn the Filipino culture.


There are also a lot of Hostels in the Philippines that are cheap, this depends on where you are going. I checked on that the cheapest hostel in Manila would be for $4 per night if you are only looking in sleeping in and be out most of the day.

You should definitely check out hostels as this will save you a lot of cash. If you are on a budget don’t expect a 5-star service in the accommodation as it wouldn’t be luxurious, it will literally be a single bed that you could sleep on.

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Public Transport

In the Philippines, it is very cheap to travel by public transport such as jeep, tricycle, train but it wouldn’t be the most comfortable journey as it is packed and it will be full most of the time. You can also ask the locals if you are taking public transport and don’t know where to get off.

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You wouldn’t have any problems when it comes to food. As the Philippines has food everywhere. For example, if you are hungry at night, come out of your hotel there will be a lot of street food like (Bbq’s and different meat that are grilled or fried).

Food in the Philippines it’s also cheap so you wouldn’t need to budget much as it’s cheap and you can eat everything you’d like without spending much.

As the locals say “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

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