Travel on a budget in uruguay 2021

Travel on a budget in uruguay 2021

Uruguay is a beautiful country that is a bit underrated as it’s between Brazil and Argentina. It is an up-and-coming country and it is a place that you should definitely visit if you are in that part of the world.

In comparison with some other Southern American countries such as Peru and Bolivia, it is relatively expensive. This is why I am going to tell you how you can travel around Uruguay without spending too much money.


Uruguay has many places to visit. There are incredible places such as Montevideo, Punta del Este, Colonia, Punta del diablo, Cabo Polonio Rocha and many more. As these places are quite spread out the best means of transport is with the bus. The bus is quite cheap in Uruguay and goes around the whole country.

These busses are double-deckers and very comfortable. A lot of them have wifi on them also, unless you want to take a break from staring at your screen then you can look out at the beautiful Uruguayan landscape.


It all depends on what kind of holiday you are going on. If you are going with a friend and want to spend the minimum as possible then while in Montevideo you should stay in a hostel around. However, if you are going with your partner and want some privacy then in Montevideo there is Airbnb which isn’t that expensive, especially since you can just rent a room in someone’s house which comes out to almost as cheap as a hostel.

The other alternative is the hostel. However when you travel around to Punta del Este or Cabo Polonio there is no Airbnb, so I would reckon you stay in either a dorm in a hostel because that’s the cheapest option and you also usually get to meet cool, new people. Or if you are with your partner and want some privacy then choose to stay in a private room which costs a bit more.

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Uruguay is famous for having 3.5 million people and 12 million cows. this is why when you’re visiting Uruguay you want to go to a classic parilla. This is the special type of grill that they use to cook the meat and it is delicious. Many restaurants are fancier but in the end, the quality is quite the same.

This is why I recommend going to a classic small Parilla somewhere in Uruguay to treat yourself. Also if you pay with a foreign card in restaurants then you get tax taken out which is. 20% discount so it makes quite a big difference. Apart from that going to the supermarket to buy your food is the cheapest option.

Fruits and vegetables are cheap however other products that are imported are the same as European prices. Also if you have a foreign card and pay

Other tips

It is nice to travel in the summertime however that is when there are most people and things are most expensive. This is why it’s best to travel in the months just before or after summer, so either December or March. This is because the weather is still good however there are fewer people around.

Another tip to make your stay cheaper is there is a lot of agriculture in Uruguay so if you feel like spending some days at a cool farm and making a bit of money they speak to the locals and see if you can arrange something because it is a cool experience.

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