What is the best travel planning website

6 websites to help you plan your trip

When you are planning your vacation there is a lot that you have to take into consideration. To make it easier for you, we present you here with 6 websites that help with the planning of your trip.


The first one is Travefy.

Travefy is a website (and app) that allows people to make their own custom itinerary templates for travel. Travefy makes it easy and fast to build a custom trip itinerary with all the trip details. It provides templates and it allows you to customize it by adding all of your trip details such as hotel reservations, flight details, restaurants, activities, and more.

What is the best travel planning website


Peek is a platform where you can find fitting activities for your holiday. All activities are displayed clearly, and you can book your activities according to your destination. They also offer a possibility to help you by picking experiences/activities just for you. You will have to choose the pictures you like best and based on your preferences they will pick activities for you.

What is the best travel planning website


Are you planning on going on a road trip but you don’t know where to start? Then Roadtrippers will come in handy.

Roadtrippers is a fast-growing website and mobile travel planning platform with over 5.5 million trips booked. Their database contains millions of the world’s most interesting locations. Roadtrippers helps you to discover the worlds around you in a new way by discovering, planning, booking, and navigating your trip. The route planner includes fuel cost estimation and a function to explore places within a set distance from your route. And to make the road trip complete, Roadtrippers also offers you places to stay nearby your planned route.

What is the best travel planning website

Travels’ Checklist

Do you always wonder what to pack? Or what you should prepare before your travel? Travels’ Checklist helps you to get organized before leaving for your trip. Just fill in where you are flying to, the expected weather, what kind of accommodation you want, and what kind of activities you are planning to do. After having filled in your preferences a custom-made packing list will be generated. The lists consist of travel preparations, home preparations, and vaccinations. But it also gives you information about the destination.

What is the best travel planning website


Booking plane tickets hotels, rental cars, and activities during your trip leave you with lots of paperwork. Adding maps, directions, and weather forecasts to that and there is even more chaos. Tripit turns this chaos into order by making it easy for anyone to organize their trip details into one online itinerary, even if the bookings are done through different travel sites.

Tripit automatically includes maps, directions, and weather forecasts in the itinerary. Besides that, it also offers the option to book restaurants, theatre tickets, and activities. Send your booking confirmation emails to Tripit, and Tripit will automatically transform the emails into a clear overview, with all your plans in one place.

What is the best travel planning website


Tripadvisor is an American travel and restaurant website that provides you with reviews, accommodations, and other travel-related content. You will also find low airfares, free travel guides, and rental companies to make planning your trip even easier. Moreover, Tripadvisor also has forums where you get advice on all travel-related topics. Tripadvisor also is the place to go when you want to save money while traveling. It compares prices from 200+ booking sites to help you find the lowest price for hotels for you.

What is the best travel planning website

With these 6 websites, you are more than ready to leave for your next trip!

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