7 Tips to save money on your trip to California 2021

trip to California

California is a city with several interesting and fun tours to visit. There are museums, the Walk of Fame, Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory, and more. We have selected incredible tips to save you money during your visit there.

1 Do not travel in high season

The busiest travel times in the USA are at the end of the year and during the summer. So traveling between November and January or June through August are more expensive months not just for plane tickets, but you will have a hard time finding affordable hotels in California and the attractions will always be crowded.

So plan your trip at another time.

2 Save on tours

 trip to California

Museums, parks, beaches, and tourist streets are not to be missed. There are also free tours. California has hundreds of beaches that are considered the most beautiful in the United States, so enjoy it and get to know how many you can.

On the beaches, you can spend a super nice day without spending almost anything. The stalls that sell water, food, and drink on the beach are usually expensive, better to go to Target or Walmart before and buy snacks, crackers, juice, and soda to take to the beach and eat during the day. You will already save a lot.

3 Save on shopping

As California is famous for having its huge outlets and shopping malls that are great for shopping, we have to mention shopping. One way to save a lot on groceries is to go first to the outlets, which have much lower prices and incredible deals, and then leave to go to the malls and street stores to buy what is missing.

Another tip that many people do not know is that you can save even more on shopping with discount coupons. Most outlets in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have on their site discount coupons for major stores and coupons up to 40%. They are really great and just print and present in the box. You can save a lot at the end of the purchases.

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4 Save on hosting

 trip to California

Another tip is to save on hosting. Several cheap hotels are a bit further away from the tourist zone but they are in very beautiful regions and as in California you will probably need a car yourself, no problem staying within minutes of the sights. The cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have great hostels and hotels.

5 Save on food

A major expense in travel is food, so try to be strategic in this area to save money while traveling. Think of the possibility of buying drinks and snacks in the supermarkets to store in the minibar. Hotels may offer breakfast and lunch cheaper than elsewhere.

Of course, it is worth visiting some of the best restaurants at the destination, California has great options and this is part of the entertainment and experience of each place. But in general, look for places with a focus on the native rather than the tourist: in addition to local flavors in fact, prices are usually much more attractive.

6 Save on transfer

One tip we think it is important to give is that for anyone who does not rent a car in California, the best way to get from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa, is by transfer.

7 Plan ahead

Planning your itinerary helps save money on travel as it offers you the chance to find attraction tickets and shows, for example, discounted tickets, ticket combos, discovering cheaper or free days for some attractions, and quietly research each accommodation you’ll need.

Buying tickets in advance and online can help you save money on trips anywhere because of the offered discounts.

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