How to get to versailles castle from paris

how to get to versailles castle from paris

All about the castle of versatile

Every year, the castle of Versailles, a historical witness to the glorious past of the French monarchy, receiving over 5 million visitors. But not everyone can achieve a perfect excursion in one of the most beautiful castles in the world

Versailles castle than 20km from the capital Paris, commonly known as sex tourism with the name Versailles, the residence of the emperor Louis 13, 14, 15, and 16 in France. Often hailed as the world’s most beautiful castles and UNESCO World Heritage Fame in 1979, Versailles has splendid architectural works in the vast area.

In particular, the large palace with over 2,000 rooms 67.000m2 and an 815ha park. Versailles castle is a cultural treasure to own thousands of sculptures, art paintings, reliefs, interior decorative art items…

The room for the king, queen, mirror room (which showcases hundreds of large format glass top), ballroom or the Grand Trianon small palace and Petit Trianon with sophisticated design, luxury will make guests do not regret the time to stay here.

Castle of Versailles still Footbinding by park visitors to the colorful flower garden is more than 370 statues dotted art. Around the castle, there are dozens of lakes and reservoirs and 50 fountains, and a huge canal to 1.6km long. According to many tourists, this is the area not to be missed while in the castle of Versailles.

Not a few visitors expressed nostalgically Versailles castle after once set foot here, and guests also have repeatedly returned to this castle every year, the mysteries of the castle are revealed little by little. So almost the appeal of Versailles castle never hypothermia!

From morning to night, before the ticket counter to the gate always have lines of people waiting for their turn snake dragon.

How to get to versailles castle from paris

To reach the castle of Versailles, from Paris, visitors can find the company Phebus, over 100 units spread over 24 bus routes and 400 stops. The rail system has 16 stations providing access to the sights.

* Due to the extremely large amount of space in Versailles, visitors probably will not have time to visit one day. Therefore, some experiences may give the impression most poetic as well as avoid the nuisance that can ruin excursions Versailles.

For guests with children

 the distance between the sights in the castle far, parents should give children small train ride pays to walk around the gardens.

For travelers to couples,

the small palace Petit Trianon has many gardens surround the place to come. This property is built for Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis 15. Guests will love a temple built on an islet on this campus.

And creating gardens with walkways maze hiding in the lake will be a romantic setting capable evoke many emotions of couples in love…From March to October, the garden Flower will be a fascinating country music theater.

Avoid the crowds: 

travelers should purchase tickets online to avoid waiting before the ticket counter. If you only visit the Trianon Palace and the residence of Queen Marie-Antoinette, tourists quicker entrance with separate ticket counters.

Besides, if you are really allergic to crowds, travelers should avoid Versailles on weekends or holidays; the best is coming on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday outside the time students leave school.

According to the experience of many people, a day sightseeing itinerary to avoid the crowds is ideal for breakfast in the park and visit the gardens, then to the Trianon Palace and the residence of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Time remaining until the end of the afternoon was visiting the rooms in the castle.

Cultural show:

every year there are many cultural performances is held in the castle of Versailles. This time, the castle tour night, the art exhibition is seen as a combination of modern history that would bring a different shade for the visitors here.

Avoid Risks:

caution is advised before the hawkers before the castle gate. Most of them are of poor quality and easily deceived.


The entrance fee is 18 euros for the entire tour of the castle area, including country music performances, the garden of music (from April to October), and notes in various languages automatically. Fares are 10 euro if only to visit the small Trianon Palace and the residence of Queen Marie-Antoinette.


Sightseeing Versailles castle-1830 from 9 am every day, except Monday. The Trianon Palace and the residence of Queen Marie-Antoinette serve tourists from 12g-1830 every day, except Monday. The park and the gardens are open every day from 8 pm-20.30.

With a special room in Versailles castle, visitors must register in advance with the new management is permitted sightseeing.

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