Where can i travelling australia with a budget

Where can i travelling australia with a budget

Places to Visit in Australia with Family on Shoestring Budget

To travel to Australia with family or friends on a shoestring budget is most definitely for experiencing the varied landforms and water structure dotting the country. And why not for Australia’s skills of biodiversity worth the trip!

In a vast continent like Australia, with a geo-size 7.692 million km², and spectacular biodiversity to witness the variety and variability of life on earth; one needs to plan the direction that a traveler would like to make, especially if it is a budgeted tour. The distances in the semi-arid and desert geography of the place to the interior of the country allow room for only two kinds of travel — air and land. Always keep the budget in mind. And the protection that needs to be maintained post-COVID-19 lockdown.

That leaves you with only those destinations that reported less damage to man and life, as post-COVID-19,  the states had restricted movement within the country to have opened only recently in the beginning of December.

On any given day, the most favored destination in Australia remains those that evoke scenic visual delights– with their beautiful beaches, the different landscapes, and the most unusual animals like the platypus, koalas, and the kangaroos –found here. Exploring the beautiful coral reefs or the rainforest on a wallet-friendly trip traveling up the east coast would be a great idea. Flora and fauna dotting the terrain in Australia are varied on this side.

The destination needs to be selected based on gaining maximum educational knowledge and thrill from the geographical route traversed; keeping in mind the health safety norms that still need to be maintained alongside choosing the budget-friendly cities that suit your pocket. Happily, Australia has an all-in offer!

City traveling in Sydney:

Sydney ought to be on the bucket list, as the city has a lot to offer as a tourist attraction and most of it is free, or affordable at just a few dollars. The most delightful point here starts beneath the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge that has a spectacular aerial view while reaching the city by air.

A walk through the historic village, the Rocks, nestled under the famous Sydney Harbour bridge has cobbled stone pavements and laneways thronged with several pocket-friendly pubs, flea markets, and restaurants to meet your gastronomic delight; a favorite of young lovebirds.

Having met your first view of the city, a quick half hour joy ride on the ferry takes you across Manly Beach. This also houses the famous Sydney Opera House. The musical percussion here has a soothing decibel which is a delightful experience for any first-time traveler enjoying it.

Any time, the city has a beautiful sunset to follow each day, having most of the beaches thronged with tourists watching the sunset behind the bridge guzzling Bear, readily available all time.

In Sydney, a traveler can’t miss the famous Blue Mountains view, a world heritage site known for its spectacular wilderness, and an easy two-hour drive from the city or the famous Echo Point, known for being the most photographed landmark in Australia.

Sydney remains a dream destination also because it is easily accessible for students and scholars for both local and international scholars as some of the best universities in Australia are here in this city. However, cities like Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra also cannot be ignored, depending on the plan.

Road trips in Australia:

Australia is one of the destinations that are easily doable on a road trip. On such a journey, the most famous destinations that remain budget-friendly are Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, and the Australian Reptile Park the route is popularly known as the ‘Legendary Pacific Coast’.

Some of Australia’s most venomous reptiles and anthropoids are found here. The reptiles are nurtured to be milked to produce antivenom. Most of the native animals of Australia are also housed here like wombats, koalas, platypus, and kangaroos. It is at the Coffs Harbour that a budget traveler can find the right spot to park for the night with several units available for night stay at affordable rates in these resorts.

The list is endless at the east coast of Australia, where beaches, whale watching cruises, and dolphin watching are some of the attractions that cannot be missed at the Cape Byron Kayaks.
And for those looking for attractive city lights and shopping delights, there is the city of Gold Coast a short drive from Cape Byron.

However, a story of Australia’s tourist destination cannot be complete without mentioning the Reefs, which are an added attraction in Australia.

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef:

For scuba divers and water adventure sports lovers, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is a must. Young tourists throng the city for a trip to the Snorkelling, Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas visit experiences.

A snorkel tour is what is called a full day-long tour at one of the reefs in the islands that dot the region is one of the ways for spending the day with complete thrilling, physical activity.

Also, several companies offer introductory diving courses for the first time underwater sports that people like to avail of that are present in this region at cost-effective rates suiting the pocket of a traveler on a shoestring budget.


The options in Australia are limitless for endless travel and educational opportunities alongside the thrill of traversing unknown territories in a land that is vast, varied, and extremely accommodating with tourists from outside. A suggestion is to follow the trail and read more and more online assignment help available on travel destinations thoroughly for chalking a better itinerary before heading for destination Australia, as a Tourister.

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