13 Indian Winter Trek The Himalaya

13 Indian Winter Trek The Himalaya

If you are a hobbyist and your dream is a Himalayan trek. The Himalayan Walk along narrow paths, up and down, and the snow-covered mountains with breathtaking snow. I sometimes just think I’m glad enough I was born in India, the land of the beautiful Himalayas, which offers plenty of opportunities to walk on this high pass.

Yeah everyone thinks winter is the safe walking time, yet yes, it’s the best walking time every rainy season, but yes remembers the adventure junkie experience.

This winter will let you pick one thing below and pack your bag for the wonderful Himalayan Trek.

Nag Tibba Winter Trek

Nag Tibba is the ideal trek for those who want to enjoy but also a perfect weekend escape with less difficulty. In Hinduism, it plays a major role. As the Hindu Temple Pilgrimage to Nag Devta’s Temple (Snake God). Striking is a journey from Dehradun to Pantwari, NagTibba, Up Hill, and Back to Dehradun, through the remote village and countryside.

Gidara Bugyal Winter Trek

The Simple Gidara Bugyal walk is still to be explored, located approximately 20km beyond the popular Dayara Bugyal, through a lush green highland meadow booming in flowers, taking on a gradually upward yet easy path.


Lake Triund is a little hill on the laps of the mountains of Himachal Pradesh in the province of Dhauladhar, Triund lake is a big land of green grass but in some places the path rocks and cuts in size.

The lake of Triund is an ideal place for trekking. This is a simple walk. The path leads through a magnificent mixed oak, deodar, and rhododendron forest and a peaceful environment. You shouldn’t forget that you can come here for a relaxing and active weekend any time of the year.

Kedarkantha Trek

Quick Kedarkantha Trek is a great winter walk through the Himalayas on western Uttarakhand, renowned for its beautiful campsites surrounded by giant pines. The ascent to the beautiful forest finishes with a glaze.

Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

Bugyal means the easiest winter Himalayan trek in the local dialect, “High Altitude Meadow” which offers a perfect opportunity for exploring the most beautiful Uttarakhand meadows spanning 28 km2 and Nordic and Alpine skiing.

Brahmatal Trek

Brahmatal is one of the few winter treks in January-February. In winter, despite the fact that snow is not very difficult, it offers a wonderful view of the scaled top.

Singalila Sandakphu Winter Trek

Singalila’s Sandakphu Trek is confined to the northeast and best performed in the winter, where adventure seekers can try their life. In India, you can see some of the highest mountains in the world, like Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Makalu. It is the only tour. 

Har Ki Dun 

Har Ki Dun Valley is a valley shaped like a crib, surrounded by alpine vegetation and snow-covered peaks. This is a popular trek in the Valley, which people of all ages will enjoy. The views over Swargarohini peaks and Bandarpunch, lush forests and wetlands, create a picturesque trek.

Dzongri Winter Trek

The tour starts from Yuksom – the former capital of the city of Sikkim, through beautiful gorges, laden forests of Himalaya flowers, and offers panoramic views of Mt Pandim, Mt Thenchinkhang, and Mt Jhopuno.

Kuari Pass 

The Kuari Pass was found by the old Viceroy Lord Curzon and is known among the Europeans as the Lord Curzon trail.

Chadar Trek

The Zanskar River water is freezing and flows into the shape of ice with dropping temperatures down to -35° Celsius. The feeling is so special that you sometimes equate it with a hike. 

Chopta Chandrashila Winter Trek

Chandrashilla is a simple four-day trip to Chandrashilla that allows you to have a great amateur experience. The top of Chandrashila is the only way from which the Himalayas range can be viewed perfectly 360.

The path starts from the village of Sari and the trail that follows leads you to a lovely lake- the Deori valley is one of the main Hindus pilgrimage sites, offering unforgettable sights of the Choukhamba and Kedarnath mountains. 

Snow Leopard 

A wildlife trip in the snowy Hemis National Park can take you on a Snow Leopard Trek. Nestled between the Ladakh Himalayans, the trek provides an opportunity to see some of India’s most endangered species.

And the other picturesque views add to the long list of rewards for the hard journey.

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