Where to Travel in the World in November : Best destinations in the world

Where to Travel in the World in November

November has particular features and is a unique month all over the year. Normally, it is the end of summer and the start of winter all over the world.

We are listing some destinations all over the world that are worth visiting in November. While traveling this month, should keep in mind some November Quotes, where you will find golden words about this month.

Where to travel in November: Best destinations in the world

South America

The certainty is to find a pleasant climate for almost the entire continent: heat with mild nights, still without rain in destinations like Cusco and Machu Picchu, and the end of them in colorful Cartagena. November is a great time for Santiago and Buenos Aires. It is not yet time for Patagonia, however, better to leave it for December.


The contrast between mountain range and metropolis, growing hospitality, rising gastronomic scene, modern, clean and wooded city … Santiago is always doing well. There is no lack of romance in a walk through Lastarria and sunset at Cerro San Cristóbal. The classic tour, on the other hand, asks for lunch at the Mercado Central, a visit to the former home of the poet Pablo Neruda and a night at a bar in Bellavista. The capital of Chile is always there as an economical, easy, close, and profitable option, and new cultural centers, bars, and restaurants have made Santiago more interesting every day.

In November, the days are hot, with a morning temperature that starts at around 15 degrees and can reach up to 30 in the afternoon, and the gardens are flowery. You can also take advantage of winter sales in most stores.


Where to travel in November: fresh out of the rains, Cartagena is a sensational beach, a historic, cultural, and gastronomic destination that does not require much more than three days of travel. Of the 4 biggest holidays of 2016, the time is good to go there. If it does, stay in the Historic Center and stroll through its old buildings, museums, shops, ending the day always with the sunset from above the walls.


The hurricane season will go away by the end of the month and good weather will reign over the paradisiacal islands of the region. But until November is over, it is safe to continue in the south.

Tobago, Trinidad, and Tobago

Where to travel in November: rustic, natural, and authentic Caribbean option. And, located just 11 km off the northeast coast of Venezuela, the country is out of the hurricane route. Ecotourism and adventure tourism are the island’s strong points. Whoever prefers to just rest on the hundreds of paradisiacal beaches with blue, crystalline waters and white sand will find it difficult to choose which is the most beautiful. The most visited are Buccoo Reef, Englishman’s Bay, Pigeon Point, Bacolet, and Castara. Tobago is still a paradise for divers due to the great variety of species, several animals, and environmental preservation – it is on the coast of Speyside that the largest “brain coral” in the world.

Central and North America

The cheerful state of Guanajuato, Mexico, has a special month with the Cervantino Festival. The Mexican Caribbean is also more attractive, almost in the good phase again (but with low season prices). Temperatures are dropping steadily in North America – in Canada you find ski resorts open as early as the middle of the month. In New York, Black Friday and Thanksgiving invite tourists to shop and stroll around the city.


The neo-Gothic church of San Miguel de Allende crowns the place, but it is incredible how even the unknown alleys, from which you cannot see it, are extremely grateful. Everything is romantic and with an old charm, stopped in time. Even taxis look retro: the cars are old, square, with a shade of dark green that recalls the last century. Guanajuato, on the other hand, is the most cultural and vibrant colonial city in Mexico, like its callejoneadas, a singing tour that takes place every day at 7:30 pm through the city’s alleys. In November, the weather is great and the iconic Cervantino Festival takes place in the city, with shows of music, dance, cinema, and literature.


Where to travel in November: chilly weather, streets and shop windows already beautifully decorated for Christmas, and the Black Friday super liquidations invade the Big Apple this month, especially for tourism. If the idea is to buy, plan to be literally sleepless: the kilometer lines stretch out into the night. Besides, a basic combo of tours through Chelsea and Meatpacking and Brooklyn and Williamsburg always goes well.


Choose countries where the cold is not so strong – Portugal, Spain, and Italy are good destinations, with fewer tourists. The big capitals (Paris, London, Berlin) always have something to do regardless of the climate, just wrap up. Some cities already have open ski runs, such as Innsbruck and Salzburg. In Iceland and Norway, you can see the Aurora Borealis and its dancing lights in the sky.


Where to travel in November: there is no region that best represents the world’s imagination when Spain comes to mind. The flamenco dancers in Granada, the warm seas of Malaga and Marbella, the Grenadian fortress of the Alhambra, the mosque of Córdoba, and bullfights in Seville, which by the way is the best base city for getting to know the region.


Yes, it is already cold in November, but in the low season, you can enjoy the most empty Italian capital. At that time, it is easier to explore the city’s audience champions, like the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums. In addition to splashing out on gelato, pasta and pizza, enjoy the priceless Roman pleasures, especially from the top of its hills: the poetic sunset from the Pincio Terrace, the Orange Garden, the view of the Fontana dell ‘Acqua Paola.

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The cold starts in the North, but the temperature remains pleasant in Egypt, where the Niger River has a high water level and a boat trip is ideal. The sun is still shining in Morocco and Tunisia, where prices are also very interesting now. In Tanzania, the month marks the end of the dry season, ideal for visiting national parks – and you can still see wildebeest migrating to Kenya. In the south, it is a great month to observe animal life, as herds tend to group on the banks of lakes and rivers.


The most popular country for safaris has ecstatic animal life in November as the animals are grouped around lakes and rivers fleeing the heat. Consider seeing elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, lions, hyenas, and hundreds of birds in Addo Elephant National Park, the country’s third-largest national park, not as touristy as Kruger Park and at slightly more attractive prices. And in November, the vegetation turns green with the arrival of the rain at the end of the day.


Multicultural Mauritius surprises by its exoticism and affordable prices: the trip leaves less than half the price of Seychelles, at 2:30 am from there. Besides, nature has taken over there, which aside from the beautiful beaches is full of mountains and forests, a giant monolith that can be seen from all over the island and a waterfall submerged in the ocean. The capital, Port Louis, is a huge cultural, ethnic and gastronomic melting pot, with a strong influence from three continents. Since September the destination is experiencing its best season, with warmth and sparse and rapid rains at the end of the day, which are refreshing.

Asia and Oceania

It is a good idea to visit the Middle East, which has ideal temperatures for strolling during the day. It is the end of the rainy season in almost all of Southeast Asia, but it still predominates on the islands off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Russia, Japan, and China are already almost freezing. Islands like Tahiti have their rainy season now. Australia and New Zealand are almost in high summer.


On the map, Israel represents just a small strip of land squeezed by much larger countries in the Middle East. But this small destination holds a beautiful collection of attractions, with scenic beaches, pulsating cities, and natural landscapes with green reserves and deserts, all permeated by its rich history. It is a country that, at some point in life, everyone should know (and not necessarily on a spiritual/religious search trip). November is a month of great mild temperatures; you can wear a tank top and count on only one cardigan at night.


Mild, sunny, and a little cold. Gateway to China, Hong Kong is an important figure in the business world and is an ideal destination in the region for those who want to shop and enjoy the nightlife. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple is a must-see. Also, climb up to Victoria’s Peak for an incredible view of the city, take a break for your lungs by walking through Hong Kong Park, and escape the rush of the city in the gardens of Wong Tai Sin Temple.

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